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Shelter 2

Might and Delight
Mar 9, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Shelter 2

Shelter returns, bigger than before, yet somehow lesser for it.

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I never felt like my cubs were in danger of perishing as a result of anything besides negligence. Ironically, it's a good thing that this game only lasts a couple of hours, because it's barely deep enough to hold my attention for even that long.

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Although the game is only $14.99, the entertainment value offered is far below that.

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In 'Shelter 2,' you are a mother lynx, helping your adorable cubs survive in the wild. Unfortunately, the 'oohs' and 'aahs' don't last long, even if your cubs do.

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Shelter 2 is a tough game to pin down. With gorgeous artistic design, ambitious goals, and a unique spin on the survival genre, there's a lot to love.

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Beautiful, but fails to capitalise on its potential

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Shelter 2 isn't a great game, but few games charge players with wrestling genuine emotion or real-world struggle, and in general the medium hardly demonstrates or encourages such circumstances. There's no complex mechanic or grand story to work through, but there's none that could easily capture "feelings" either.

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In the end the beauty of this game rests mostly on, well, the beauty of the game. The game is a wonderland of sounds and sights with an immersive and touching story of survival (less survival than I'd like in my case). Although the gameplay is smooth and succinct, with a playtime of a little over two hours to complete it may not be the sort of game you'll want to pick up to keep yourself amused for that lazy week off work. However if I had more time I would happily spend longer wandering around the lands to discover the objects hidden within or to simply take in more of the sights.

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