Elegy for a Dead World

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6 / 10.0
Dec 29, 2014

Elegy for a Dead World is a game so unique that there is no point of reference for it. Nothing like this has been done before, and it fills a niche that many gamers will appreciate.

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68 / 100
Jan 8, 2015

The latest from Dejobaan therefore seems like a stepping stone, a strong premise and peaceful beginning with little longevity and little to do outside the foundation of the game. You have to wonder if there will be more to write in the future.

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Jan 13, 2015

In an environment where so many games are about achievement and experience, Elegy For A Dead World proves to be a game about inspiration.

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4 / 5.0
Dec 12, 2014

Something that is fueled by subjectivity alone becomes a challenge to evaluate objectively, and perhaps even unfair, but Elegy for a Dead World still presents an experience that is all inclusive and doesn't look down on anyone who doesn't fully comprehend it. The beauty of it is that it will speak to almost anyone, because whether it's part of your education or one of your passions, writing and literature is an integral part of anyone's life, and so Elegy serves as a welcoming platform for anyone who wants to practice writing and polish their craft.

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4 / 10
Apr 20, 2015

A novel idea, lacking in content

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7 / 10.0
Jan 2, 2015

Elegy For A Dead World is a great provocation with some wonderful ideas behind it, but I'm not sure where the draw is after the first fifteen minutes. It is a game that could be wonderful with the inclusion of local or networked multiplayer (co-writing about these worlds would be magical) or a little more direction from the designers. That said, as it stands it is merely a set of good-to-great ideas that cohere in a form that failed to capture my imagination.

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8 / 10
Jan 1, 2015

Elegy for a Dead World will not be for everyone, and that is understandable. Coming from my English-centric background, I found it fascinating and reminiscent of some of the workshops and classes I've taken over my education. Being able to take a prompt and run with it as I saw fit is an excellent mental challenge and I can easily see this game being useful in classroom situations. While it may not find a place in the big leagues, Elegy fits within a niche group that will certainly be diehard fans.

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8.3 / 10.0
Jan 12, 2015

I wouldn't recommend Elegy to anyone but folks who actually want to take the time to write. Though some creative types will question the need for writing prompts, the fact remains that sometimes all you need is a good starting point.

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Jan 4, 2015

The variety and quality of stories written by the community playing Elegy for a Dead World demonstrates the game's success at enabling its players to write effectively. Writing is so much more difficult than waggling a joystick or pressing buttons, and yet Elegy for a Dead World makes writing accessible to just about anyone who has the heart, and the courage, to try.

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Mar 18, 2015

Elegy For a Dead World uses writing as a mechanic, but if you're not a writer you're not likely to find much to enjoy in its three poetry-inspired worlds.

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