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7 / 10.0
Feb 12, 2019

Could I have done that playing any other fitness game with the same intensity, or just by going outside and jogging every day? Probably. I know I could lose more weight if I paid out $50 a month for a gym membership, but the last thing I want to do after I get home from work is hit up a local 24-Hour Fitness. My life just isn't equipped to handle that right now. Fitness Boxing is a better fit for me and while I may not get the body of my dreams using it, anything is better than what I'm working with now.

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65 / 100
Jan 14, 2019

Fitness Boxing doesn't have a lot of features to speak of, but it does provide a solid workout. Its exercise routines are challenging and enjoyable enough, despite their atrocious background music. Fitness Boxing isn't going to be the most fun game on your Switch, but it's worth checking out if you need a little extra motivation to get your heart rate up.

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6 / 10.0
Feb 8, 2019

As a fitness app, Fitness Boxing is actually quite solid. As a “game,” however, the title is admittedly lacking, especially for the price. As such, the mileage and enjoyment you will get from this game depends on your expectations. Personally, I wanted to have my cake as a gamer and eat it too, so Fitness Boxing didn’t quite meet my expectations. If you’re primarily interested in it as an exercise tool that you can easily load up and work out to each day, however, then this fits the bill nicely.

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6.5 / 10.0
Jan 28, 2019

It won't make you the next Rocky Balboa, but you can expect it to encourage an active moment into your day.

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7 / 10
Dec 20, 2018

Playing Fitness Boxing won't earn you a title match at Caesar's Palace nor will it give you hours of fun with your friends. But it will help you get in shape/stay fit and that's what it was made for. Fitness Boxing is a good fitness app which could have been even better with more precise motion controls.

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6 / 10
Jan 7, 2019

Fitness Boxing has more in common with a fitness app rather than with a competitive game, but that doesn't mean that it's not able to provide a fun, involving and entertaining experience. Its high degree of player customization is one of its main selling points, though the motion capture mechanics need some work and the musical background could be much better but overall, Fitness Boxing does its job in a way that will capture the players' attention.

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Jan 10, 2019

Fitness Boxing does its job and gets gamers on their feet and moving, but its barebone features and lack of music variety makes playing feel like a mix of chore and leisure activity.

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8 / 10
Jan 1, 2019

Within its common-sense (and, thanks to Wii Fit, well-known) limitations, Fitness Boxing is a breezy, energetic success that gets your blood pumping. For the one-time price of a month's gym membership, it delivers some light CV and takes pointers from Just Dance and various rhythm games to provide a convenient and engaging workout. It's no substitute for hard hours at the gym, but there's certainly potential to tone up those arms and shed a few of the mince pies you put away while watching Groundhog Day over the holidays. It would be a mistake to buy this thinking you're getting a game or some magical antidote to your spare tyre. However, it kept us coming back and if you're after a reason to justify cancelling that direct debit to Gold's, this is as good as anything you'll find on a console.

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7.5 / 10.0
Jan 15, 2019

Fake boxing in front of my TV is not an alternative to the gym. I get that. But I'm not going to a gym—like, ever again. So, as an alternative to whatever show I'd be watching or game I'd be playing, Fitness Boxing succeeds at its $50 asking price (although I'd rank it a bit higher at $40). If you're likely to feel the same, I recommend getting the digital download so it's always present and ready when you fire up your Switch to play something else (and there is a demo you can try). A half hour of cardio before two hours of Octopath Traveller is a really good idea.

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2.5 / 5.0
Jan 10, 2019

Fitness Boxing is decent game to get your daily exercise once in awhile. It's in critical need for more features, mini games and single-player modes to succeed as a game.

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