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Blades of Time

Gaijin Entertainment
Apr 20, 2012 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Blades of Time

As hard as it tries, Blades of Time rarely comes close to emulating the success of any of its obvious muses.

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Blades of Time feels less like a loving remaster that we can now take on the go and more like a last chance at redemption. With frustrating elements, dated idea and less depth than a current Dynasty Warrior title, it's hard to understand who this remaster is for.

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The game was moderately enjoyable though it felt very much like every other title that Blades of Time obviously gained inspiration from. The gameplay was familiar but a bit lackluster as it got old fast. The decision to split ranged and melee left the game a bit disconnected, dare I say disengaging. The improvement's that where made still fall under the shadows of itself.

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Blades of Time definitely didn't pass the test of time. The game is still broken and cannor be saved by any of its interesting ideas.

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'Unenjoyable' is a very mild way to describe Blades of Time. This turkey is nigh unplayable depending on a player's tolerance for trashy, glitchy gameplay. With so many elements that are broken, nobody should be playing this, which is too bad because there are some aspects at hand that could have made it interesting. There is a surprising amount of unlockable content that nobody will ever bother to get, because who in their right mind would ever wish to torture themselves? Blades of Time is the skid-row of 3D action games.

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Time hasn’t been good to Blades of Time, and and other than for the morbidly curious, I can’t see anyone being masochistic enough to derive any value out of it.

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Blades of Time is bad, and you should not play it.

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The Gaijin Distribution published title, Blades of Time, is the latest in a long line of ports from the last generation of home consoles to land on the Nintendo Switch. Whilst many have been obvious choices, and some a little less so, Blades of Time was the first that made me truly question why. This hack-and-slash, action-adventure title from 2012 is neither steeped in nostalgia nor back by popular demand. The media opinions were somewhat of a mixed bag, and it seemed that Blades of Time would be left to rest alongside the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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