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MO: Astray

Archpray Inc., Rayark Inc.
Oct 25, 2019 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Life
9 / 10
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8.5 / 10
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8 / 10
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MO: Astray Theme Song-Epilogue

MO:Astray Official trailer, 10/25 on Steam thumbnail

MO:Astray Official trailer, 10/25 on Steam

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MO:Astray 30s Teaser, 10/25 on Steam

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Critic Reviews for MO: Astray

MO:Astray is so confident in every facet, including its slick gameplay, well-implemented backstory, and stunningly atmospheric visuals. This is a grim, gory game, but one that retains a level of charm that could perhaps be likened to the Metroid franchise. There are so many wonderful surprises around every corner, whether it’s a new ability or a fearsomely intimidating boss battle. Don’t let MO:Astray fall under the radar; it’s a real treat and deserves to gain a place in your library.

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While it has some needless gore and pacing baggage, MO: Astray is a success on the whole. The gameplay's unique and varied, the world's intriguing and fully realized, the bosses are memorable, and the challenge is addictive. Impressive stuff.

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The story and presentation are very unique and deserve high praise; the narrative keeps the experience going whenever the platforming starts to get boring and fall flat. Too often, MO:Astray amounts to cheap deaths and pixel-perfect jumps, which severely detracts from what would have been a completely outstanding sci-fi exploration game. Simply put, flopping around as a blob eventually gets old.

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MO: Astray has a clear, creative premise, and its ability to stay fresh by introducing new ideas every time you think you've mastered it keeps it compelling the whole way through. On an eShop full of platformers, this is one of the better examples to come along in quite a while.

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Some games unfairly slide under gamers' radars so don't let MO:Astray become another indie casualty as it's a must-have experience.

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An amusing, atmospheric journey that succeeds in fusing new concepts with a familiar retro style.

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This is the third time in a row that Rayark Games releases a game with little to no fanfare or prior promotion, and that game ends up being a surprising, well-crafted gem. MO: Astray is a fantastic little indie platformer that manages to be really engaging and creepy with its storytelling, while also managing to entertain with a very unique and intuitive control scheme.

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MO: Astray is a beautiful game with a dark story. It’s fun and challenging and requires the player to think outside the box at times to figure out a lot of the puzzles. At the end of it all, it’s a great feeling to play and have fun. So if you enjoy platformers, unique storytelling, and something to challenge the brain, pick this game up!

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