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Based on 11 critic reviews
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General Information

Available on:PCOct 25, 2019
Nintendo SwitchSep 10, 2020

Developer: Archpray Inc.

Publisher: Rayark Inc.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Platformer

FEATURES Utilise sticking, ramming, parasitic takeover and memory recall to navigate the otherworldly, sci-fi environment. A meticulous pixel art style accompanied by super-smooth animation, effects and immersive soundtrack. Use your mind: Wait, observe, plan out your path and use special abilities wisely. Find a way out. MO: Not just any jelly-like organism! Use MO to the fullest to survive in this sinister environment. Unlock the story: Collect key materials to delve deeper into the world and unravel the mystery...Stick: Utilize the character's special trait to clear all the tricky trapsSkill: Use your enemies to dodge attacksChallenge: Exciting Boss battlesJump: Feel the sense of speed as you dash through the airChange: A control experience that changes according to the level BACKGROUND STORY Through the moist, pitch-black darkness the eerie sounds of giant machinery can be heard.In an advanced facility that has been invaded by otherworldly beasts and local inhabitants, the fully-automatic system controlled by the main computer is still operating like a mad man. Awakening inside an abandoned laboratory, the green, ambiguous lifeform MO discovers that it not only has to face an extremely hostile and sinister environment, but it also must face humans who, having been taken over by alien parasitic plants, are now stuck in the endless limbo between death and rebirth. What's more, there seems to be an eerie presence that's watching all of this from the shadows. After groping around for clues, MO gradually becomes aware that it is responsible for a mission of immense importance. Under the guidance of the mysterious mutterings in its ear, MO is able to overcome one obstacle after another. Who caused this disaster? And on this path that leads to answers for every unsolved riddle, what sorts of trials and tribulations lie ahead?

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I’ve absolutely loved this. It’s so refined, so well crafted, so supremely gory for something with such deceptively simple presentation, and has a difficulty pitch that feels always challenging, but remarkably fair.

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MO:Astray is so confident in every facet, including its slick gameplay, well-implemented backstory, and stunningly atmospheric visuals. This is a grim, gory game, but one that retains a level of charm that could perhaps be likened to the Metroid franchise. There are so many wonderful surprises around every corner, whether it’s a new ability or a fearsomely intimidating boss battle. Don’t let MO:Astray fall under the radar; it’s a real treat and deserves to gain a place in your library.

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While it has some needless gore and pacing baggage, MO: Astray is a success on the whole. The gameplay's unique and varied, the world's intriguing and fully realized, the bosses are memorable, and the challenge is addictive. Impressive stuff.

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MO: Astray has a clear, creative premise, and its ability to stay fresh by introducing new ideas every time you think you've mastered it keeps it compelling the whole way through. On an eShop full of platformers, this is one of the better examples to come along in quite a while.

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