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Raredrop Games, PQube
Jun 12, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Warborn

Warborn is a solid and dependable Advance Wars-alike. There's nothing wrong with being an unspectacular offering, but with a few additions, alterations and improvements, Warborn could have been absolutely essential for Advance Wars fans. It's so close to being awesome, but we'll just have to settle for pretty good instead.

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Warborn takes the tried and tested Advance Wars formula, adds a bunch of huge Mechs, some overwrought '90s anime-inspired cutscenes and a story that sees you take control of four different commanders as you seek to restore order to the Auros system. There's nothing inspired or unique here; Raredrop Games is playing it safe and straight down the line, but fans of the genre, and most especially fans of massive Gundam-esque robots, will get a solid (if unspectacular) experience out of what's on offer with this one. Just don't expect any surprises.

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While Warborn is not technically a bad game, it's fairly unremarkable. The story is bland, combat is more tactics than anything else and there isn't the charm that made similar franchises work. I don't have a Laharl to drive the experience forward or Domon Kasshu to deliver a monologue that results in a powerful blast, it's just a very technical tactical RPG that has solid tactics and little more. For some, that is probably enough but there are better options out there.

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Warborn is a solid turn based RTS that could stand to take a risk or two. Too safe, needs improvement.

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Warborn set out to bring a great tactics game inspired by mech anime and I would say it has. It misses the mark here and there but fans of tactics games should consider this a victory.

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It gets all the basics of the genre right, but it simply lacks any depth, and becomes an incredibly grindy only a few missions into the campaign. Interestingly, all the basics are there, it merely is lacking any exciting options, choices or selections; this is in addition to a very bad 'dead zone' tactical problem that is a huge contributor to the slog. Very rapidly a player will have seen everything there is to offer and there just isn't much beyond it. The game just starts to become frustrating the more it is played.

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Amin Bala Zadeh
6 / 10

Warborn is a decent tactical strategy game, but it's not for everyone as typical gamers will probably have a hard time getting into it. Go for it only if you are a fan of the genre.

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Warborn has its own merits. It's a sharper and more dynamic tactics strategy game, and what initially seems like limitations with a small number of units and game modes proves to be this game's great strength by allowing it to deliver the kind of balance that even the best tactics games struggle with.

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