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Developer: Funktronic Labs

Genres: Action, Sports

Play with friends or compete online via split-screen local couch co-op and ranked online multiplayer in Trick Attack, Deathmatch and Turf War (soon) modes. Then, it’s skateBOAT or die in campaign mode as the rivalry between Wave Break’s usual suspects plays out in an episodic storyline involving guns, kickflips, and blood money. Trick out your ride and get new threads too via unlocked skills and items that’ll have you shredding Wave Break in style. From tropical beaches to frozen tundras, experience skate parks in a brand new way with a dynamic and high-tech physically-based fluid simulation. Vibe out to Wave Break’s fresh synthwave soundtrack produced by Crush Music, which will evolve and update periodically with new pack-sized EP drops, pop-up radio shows, and other creative integrations. // FEATURES // Arcade SkateBOATING Moves - Chain together sweet trick combos to boost your score, and fill up your special meter to perform special physics defying moves for massive points Boat on Boat Violence - Shoot your opponents with a selection of firearms in aquatic vehicular combat, and build your special meter to go into “bullet time” for slow-motion precision shooting Online and Local Multiplayer - Play on the couch with a friend in local split-screen, or play with other players online, with rank-based matchmaking and private matches Competitive Game Modes - Compete for the highest score in Trick Attack, gun down your opponents in Death Match, and take over territory in Turf War Single Player Story Campaign - Challenge the classic style objectives, collectibles and score missions, as well as an episodic storyline of guns, kickflips and blood money. Fresh Synthwave Soundtrack - Vibe out to an evolving 80’s inspired Soundtrack featuring brand new original music from an array of acclaimed artists Boat Loads of Customization - Stop by the “Beach Boutique” shop for the latest fashions to dress up your characters, visit Jimmy Jimbo to purchase different boats, accessories, and skins, and don’t forget to hit the Gym to buff up your character’s stats and attributes

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Wave Break is Tony Hawks Pro Skater on water, and yes, it's as wild, wacky and occasionally wonderful as that sounds. It boasts the same combo-driven, objective-led action that skateboarding fans have come to know and love, and if you've grown up with Mr Hawks' games there's every chance you'll enjoy Wave Break, as long as you can forgive some of its rough edges.

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Unknown Author
70 / 100

If you love a "totally radical!" style and want to lay down some “skateboating” tricks, Wave Break is the game for you. While the high learning curve and nonexistent online base may turn off casual players, Stadia fans that want a fun little game on the platform should check this one out.

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Wave Break puts a lot of barriers up to keep players from enjoying it. The disconnect between the visuals and the difficulty will likely be jarring for many players. But sticking with this game yields some great rewards, and the feeling of accomplishment you get is absolutely worth the struggle to succeed.

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WIth a fantastic soundtrack and brightly colored environments, this wacky "skateboating" game captures a wonderful arcade skateboarding experience. The Campaign, however, can harsh the synthwave buzz.

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