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Radical Rabbit Stew

Pugstorm, Sold Out
Jul 16, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Radical Rabbit Stew

Radical Rabbit Stew is afun 16-bit puzzler with an amusing story. While it's short, sitting at the 2-3 hour mark to complete, it's a good way to spend an afternoon. Different, cute and quirky.

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Bright and light-hearted, Radical Rabbit Stew may not push the boundaries of game design but it is funny, heart-warming and never overstays its welcome. It looks great, sounds great and runs amazingly well. The amazingly oversized bosses are a joy to take on and due to the trial and error nature of the game, the quick restarts are critical. The game may as well be called Rabbit Baseball Simulator 2020 as you whack a multitude of the furry buggers into big cooking pots but if you need a quick puzzle game in your life, this could be the one.

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Metaphorically speaking, the developers at Pugstorm have left more than half the carrot buried in the soil.

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Radical Rabbit Stew is a thoroughly enjoyable experience from top to bottom. From the arcade, slapstick action of punting rabbits into bowls of soup, to the thought-provoking map puzzles, this action-puzzler offers a unique and interesting take on the genre, even with the sometimes repetitive nature, and boss fights that utilize overly similar ideas from world to world.

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When it comes to arcade-style puzzle games, few reach the heights of Radical Rabbit Stew. It'll make you hop with delight.

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Radical Rabbit Stew starts as a full loving game, with frantic puzzles and charming visuals until you realize you’re entire goal is to smack rabbits into giant pots. With each stage designed with agility in mind as a lone chef not only pots deadly rabbits but avoids cannons, bombs, and zombies to rescue his friends from a petty rabbit queen. Radical Rabbit Stew is a short but active adventure through colorful worlds that encourages you to keep moving.

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Do you f@#$%^&* hate rabbits? Boy do we have a game for you.

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You’ll be greeted with some really smart puzzles, a great difficulty curve that will constantly add new mechanics and features for you to deal with, a deep (but flawed) level creator, and that typical “so bad it’s good” pun-infested sense of humor I can’t help but love.

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