Prehistoric Dude

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Prehistoric Dude

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 11, 2020
PCAug 11, 2020
Nintendo SwitchAug 14, 2020
Xbox OneAug 12, 2020
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: lightUP

Publishers: Ratalaika Games, lightUP

Genres: Action, Platformer, Arcade

Help Dude recover his tasty ham from hungry dinosaurs. Prehistoric Dude is a mini metroidvania game during the stone age which tells the story of Dude, a friendly caveman who loves ham! Explore 3 different scenarios while looking for Dude’s delicious lunch! Face enemies, master obstacles, learn new skills and make Dude even stronger! Go on an adventure to help him to take back his lunch, which was stolen by a giant dinosaur! He will need to face many dangerous enemies while traveling through caves and forests, getting some tools and power ups to assist him during this journey. Features: * Visit 3 different scenarios during the stone age * Alternative paths to explore * Vibrant chiptune music and colorful 8-bit style graphics * 7 Different special items with helpful abilities

Prehistoric Dude Critic Reviews

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Unfortunately, Prehistoric Dude's problems aren't minor. Lots of annoyances add up to make this a small game that I disliked. It has a real need for additional polish.

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This is far from being the worst game I’ve played in recent memory and I respect the hardships of having to develop a game by yourself, but Prehistoric Dude really needed more time in the oven.

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Prehistoric Dude isn’t the best of platforming options, despite having some interesting concepts being presented here.

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Prehistoric Dude is short, easy but has a charm to it that I couldn’t help but enjoy. Sometimes there are those games that make you smile and forget the stress that’s going on around you. While this won’t be for everyone, it won me over and I could see myself picking this up again for a replay when I want to enjoy some prehistoric entertainment.

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