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Cafe Enchante

Idea Factory, Otomate, Aksys Games
Nov 5, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

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Café Enchanté - Official Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Café Enchanté - Demo Trailer (Nintendo Switch™)

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Critic Reviews for Cafe Enchante

Aksys has brought across another winner and hopefully, they will continue to do so as the Switch has become a wonderful home for visual novels. Like most Otome games there is drastically different quality between the individual stories, with some feeling like filler to pad out the game. But good stories here are so good, it really sets it apart, with those routes managing to land on every emotional level. Steamy romantic moments, heartbreaking moments, touching tear-jerking, genuinely funny comedy. This combined with a cast of suitors that cover off just about every otome archetype makes for a must-buy for anyone wanting to embrace their inner Fujoshi.

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It's easy to be charmed by Café Enchanté, which brings together whimsy, romance and humour together with one of the more understated joys - having a favourite café and being able to take a moment out to enjoy both it, and the company that it brings

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As the year of romance concludes for Aksys and Otomate, it goes out on another solid effort. Café Enchanté doesn't break a lot of new ground in its genre, but it's a well-told romantic story and would be a great way to wile away an upcoming long weekend.

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Overall, the title has an immersive story and impressive world-building, making it an easy suggestion for those who are new to the otome genre who may or may not be the targeted demographic. It’s simply that good. With a story rich in detail and the especially exciting moments of exploring the “Isekai” side of the game, it’s filled with unexpected twists and turns by the latter part of its story. Café Enchanté is in the higher tier of otome titles to me, with a plot that exceeds expectations and is equipped with one of the most endearing and delightful otome casts within the genre. It sits comfortably up there with the likes of Collar x Malice and Code: Realize.

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Love romantic stories? This is one with a twist. Not into overly romantic? This visual novel brings an interesting story to the table, so it may still be one to go for. Can you tell I’m loving this game? Aksys have a tendency of bringing us the best visual novels, and Café Enchanté is no exception.

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Café Enchanté is an excellent example of otome game, showing a good variety of what the genre has to offer and providing a solid and thought-provoking story whose characters are fantastic. Despite this, a lack of care with the translation causes the experience to be well below what it should be. It is still an essential work for fans of the genre and certainly deserves to be appreciated.

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Cafe Enchante is refreshing. Every character is special in their own way, with personalities that complement each other. The story is structured in a way that you see a relationship naturally develop between the heroine and each of the bachelors. It also takes the time to provide insight into what these otherworldly realms are like, so we have some idea of what we’re getting into even before the more serious conflicts develop.

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Cafe Enchante is one of the slower experiences of an otome romance. On the one hand, it should have used its themes to differentiate itself from other titles, but it doesn’t. Even with this slow burn, fans can still enjoy the familiar beats with a new cast of pretty boys, but I wouldn’t mind some more sparkles and butterflies.

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