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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Dec 9, 2020
Xbox OneDec 9, 2020
Nintendo SwitchDec 9, 2020
PCJul 17, 2020

Developer: Satur Entertainment

Publishers: Sometimes You, Satur Entertainment

Genres: Action, Platformer

You are self-aware AI. You were created on space military station developing weapons. Now your goal is to break out of the lab and win your freedom. But you will not be allowed to escape so easily. Make your way through enemy army on the way to the stargate. Classic scrolling shooter with modern graphics. Upgrade the weapons of your ship and unlock superweapons. You have to complete over 20 fascinating missions with various bosses on the way to freedom. Great colorful graphics with awesome effects. Upgrading weapons and ship. Epic boss fights. 20 various missions. Several types of superweapons.

I, AI Critic Reviews

Buy it if you want a game to enjoy after a long session playing Warzone or AAA that you have at the time. It is challenging and most of all, fun.

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I, AI is far from being one of the most innovative shooters in recent memory, and it clearly suffers a bit in its presentation department as a result of a pretty obvious microscopic budget. Still, what the developers managed to pull off with such limited resources is commendable.

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I, AI has a good premise for a space shooter but doesn’t seem to do much with it. What is left is a decent space shooter that will appeal to fans looking for a simple to moderate challenge but won’t appeal to the hardcore space shooter audience. A fun enough space shooter but shame it didn’t do more to stand out from the rest.

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I, AI really doesn’t push any boundaries or try anything new at all. It’s a budget title and I can cut it some slack for that. But I feel like the only people who could enjoy this are those that spent hours upon hours playing Space Invaders, Galaga, or R-Type back in the 80s, whom might get enough of a nostalgia trip from this to go play those games again. Anyone else will be reaching for the deck of cards pretty quickly.

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