I, AI Reviews

I, AI is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
6.7 / 10.0
Jan 19, 2021

Buy it if you want a game to enjoy after a long session playing Warzone or AAA that you have at the time. It is challenging and most of all, fun.

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5.9 / 10.0
Dec 9, 2020

It's absolutely vital that games, and probably most of all indie games, innovate and come up with new ways to approach genre play that's been around for a while...

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Dec 22, 2022

While I, AI hasn’t done anything groundbreaking with the genre, it is a pretty solid scrolling shooter which looks pretty and plays well. While it was fun on the Xbox I can see the appeal of it being more on a handheld console such as the Switch, which I feel dipping in and out of this game would be more suited on.

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Jul 18, 2021

What would you do if you were a sentient AI? In I, AI by Satur Entertainment and Sometimes You tries to answer that question. You play an AI that is designed to create military-grade weapons on a space station. You manage to escape in the first level, which to be honest, is one of the weirdest levels I have seen in a shoot-em-up before. After traversing a circuit board, you get in a spaceship and proceed to shoot your way to freedom.

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5 / 10
Dec 12, 2020

I, AI really doesn’t push any boundaries or try anything new at all. It’s a budget title and I can cut it some slack for that. But I feel like the only people who could enjoy this are those that spent hours upon hours playing Space Invaders, Galaga, or R-Type back in the 80s, whom might get enough of a nostalgia trip from this to go play those games again. Anyone else will be reaching for the deck of cards pretty quickly.

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Dec 9, 2020

I, AI has a good premise for a space shooter but doesn’t seem to do much with it. What is left is a decent space shooter that will appeal to fans looking for a simple to moderate challenge but won’t appeal to the hardcore space shooter audience. A fun enough space shooter but shame it didn’t do more to stand out from the rest.

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7 / 10.0
Dec 5, 2020

I, AI is far from being one of the most innovative shooters in recent memory, and it clearly suffers a bit in its presentation department as a result of a pretty obvious microscopic budget. Still, what the developers managed to pull off with such limited resources is commendable.

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