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78 / 100
Mar 25, 2021

RetroMania Wrestling is the perfect sequel to a classic. Not only does it maintain the essence of WWF Wrestlefest but it also develops the mechanics adding depth and strategy. Although there are a ton of gameplay options, the lack of online play and the niche roster may discourage some players. However, even with few missing elements, this is one of the best wrestling games currently available and a must for fans of the sport.

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7 / 10
Mar 4, 2021

Despite its dated aesthetics, RetroMania Wrestling can still bring the pain. Unfortunately that struggle translates to issues both in and out of the ring. Sometimes, it's important to consider why design decisions were abandoned in the past, rather than meticulously recreating frustrating mechanics for modern audiences in the name of authenticity.

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6 / 10
Apr 8, 2021

RetroMania Wrestling looks like WWF WrestleFest, plays (a bit) like Fire Pro and has a wide variety of entertaining arenas to play in. However, the tiny roster, lack of creation modes, lack of online and brief single-player experiences mean you're really going to need to be interested in local multiplayer if you're going to be playing this one for a long time. To give it the Cena test: it's got our respect for going old-school and it'll get loyalty from the cult following it'll inevitably gain, but it still needs a bit more hustle before it's the finished product, whereas just now it feels like The Prototype.

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Mar 10, 2021

It may have taken over 30 years to come to fruition, but what the talented developers over at Retrosoft Studios were able to accomplish is everything I could have hoped for here. It's not perfect, but what RetroMania Wrestling was able to accomplish after a three decade hiatus has to be celebrated. Retrosoft Studios has slapped down the foundation for a wrestling arcade video game that should stand the test of time.

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7 / 10.0
Mar 9, 2021

RetroMania Wrestling isn’t the most technically accomplished wrestling game out there, but it is a joyous arcade brawler that gets more entertaining the more people you can rope in to a match. Like the game that inspired it, it’s not going to occupy you for hours in a single sitting but you’ll keep coming back for another dose of wrestle ’em up action.

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Mar 2, 2021

RetroMania Wrestling is an arcade wrestler that looks and plays well, let down by limited scope.

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Mar 1, 2021

A fun, arcade wrestling experience worthy of the WrestleFest name

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Mar 15, 2021

It’s fair to say that RetroMania Wrestling achieves in making the sequel it wants to be by having the gameplay, pixel art, and sound that feels like it came from the SNES era for wrestling fans — albeit for those who follow more wrestling that isn’t WWE. The roster is shallow, and may not be what you want or expect, but it does have talent worthy of being here. The story mode is incomplete, and the flow of combat is often interrupted – these are the real problems. Yet, I can’t help but enjoy everything RetroMania Wrestling has to offer here, even though it doesn’t have staying power.

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