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Paranoid Interactive, Hyperstrange
Jun 16, 2022 - PC
72 / 100
7.5 / 10
80 / 100
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Critic Reviews for Frozenheim

I really enjoyed Frozenheim back when I previewed it in 2021, and much of what I liked is even better. Most of what I disliked is still there, too. Frozenheim is a well-made city builder that focuses on one historical period and culture. Its story and RTS elements still feel undercooked, not bad but not as fully realized as the construction sim aspects. With a short campaign, no scenario editor, and sandbox experiences that always play out sort of the same, a long term relationship with Frozenheim is difficult.

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Frozenheim is a video game in search of an identity. It would have been better served by leaning into its city-building side, challenging players to find the best ways for their Vikings to thrive in inhospitable lands. The combat is so limited that it would have been easy to drop it entirely or just abstract it in some way.

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The two aspects of combat and city building seem to clash against one another. This is partially due to the real-time gameplay and the overall imbalanced economy. Players will either find themselves only gaining enough supplies for their war effort - akin to RTS games like Warcraft - or having a stable society that doesn’t go out and conquer. But, those that like this oil and water non-mix will have great fun with Frozenheim.

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