Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions Reviews

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
8 / 10.0
Feb 25, 2024

Captain Velvet Meteor is a relaxing tactical adventure game that doesn't take itself too seriously. The main character is lovable and has a colorful imagination and features companion characters lifted from popular anime and manga IPs that mix well with the story and art style. The combat can be a little easy but lets you focus on other elements like the story, exploration, and collectibles.

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7.5 / 10.0
Aug 5, 2022

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is a fun and innovative tactical adventure that introduces some cool mechanics to the genre. Any fan of Jump+ manga will love this game, as will younger players or seasoned veterans looking to flex their tactical skills in low-pressure combat missions.

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Aug 16, 2022

Damien (Captain Velvet Meteor) is a very likeable protagonist. Even though most games like this one can turn out to be simplistic with their mechanics, Captain Velvet Meteor: the Jump + Dimensions delivers its tactical strategy gameplay smoothly and engagingly. This game “fun” comes from many aspects, but I would like to remark on its narrative and how the whole concept is built. Moving to another country, that has such a different culture, food and even time zone, is something tough and more for a kid. This game makes an adventure in every situation Damien had to adjust to his new life abroad. It also leaves an important mark with each level that is as enjoyable for an adult as for a kid that is going through something similar. I highly recommend you play this game, especially for strategy and tactic lovers and even more for people who are moving or moved to a different country and struggled to adjust.

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Aug 15, 2022

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is a fun, but repetitive strategy game where you shoot monsters and work through the challenges of moving.

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7.5 / 10.0
Aug 9, 2022

I had a good time with this particular adventure. It reminded me that the enormity of imagination is a feat and a power that is universal, and it helped make what could have been a very short visual novel or a very sad adventure game be neither. Instead, it was fun, it was bouncy, it kept me going and it was divided into good sized chapters to keep from being bloated. Replay is a possibility for more unlocks, and players will want to go back and recheck for things they missed.

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8.5 / 10.0
Aug 3, 2022

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is a consistent and well-executed tactics game. Exploring a child's imagination, it shows how even small tasks and fears can be rebuilt by people in their own minds as metaphors and the role fiction can have in expanding our horizons and helping us in the process. Highly recommended for strategy fans and those who love emotional works for kids.

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