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Assault Suits Valken Declassified

M2, Rainmaker Productions
Mar 30, 2023 - Nintendo Switch

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Assault Suits Valken Declassified - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Assault Suits Valken Declassified

Solid and definitely has an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.

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Assault Suits Valken Declassified is an incredible remaster. Having all the cut material with a new translation is going to be a dream come true for some. The translated guide book, and making of documentary are incredible extras. The game itself won’t be for everyone. It’s a 2D side scrolling run and gun, with a unique feel. Because it plays so differently, it’s a niche offering in an already niche genre. But any Cybernator fan, or anyone remotely curious should know this remaster goes above and beyond expectations.

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It might not be perfect, but if you have any affection for mecha and anime culture, classic action gaming, or shooters and run 'n' guns, Assault Suits Valken Declassified is very much worth strapping yourself into. The odd quirk aside, it's a very well-thought-through creation, defined by tight controls and movement, tidy level design, and a bounty of ideas. And then there's all those lovely archive materials. Tread carefully, though. This mecha is a beast.

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Assault Suits Valken DECLASSIFIED is a cracking re-release of an already excellent action game. With the story fully localized and uncensored, fans of the genre need to give this smooth-playing game a try. (Review Policy)

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Assault Suits Valken Declassified is a thrill ride with a lot of big action and with an impressive spectacle that holds up. The kinesthetics give the mech a suitably weighty feel when stomping around and being able to blow up almost anything- even the floor, makes it stand out from most 16-bit action games from its time.

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Assault Suits Valken Declassified is a love letter to a series that wasn't as represented in the West as it was in Japan. This 2023 re-release adds a lot of fascinating bonus materials that are sure to excite fans, but the main game itself is a tough one to recommend given its difficulty and awkward controls. That said, I'm all for revivals of titles from the 2000s, '90s, and earlier, and therefore very supportive of the work done by M2 and Rainmaker Productions on Assault Suits Valken Declassified.

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Assault Suits Valken DECLASSIFIED is a port of an incredibly fun retro 2D action game with oodles of extras to boot. It may just be one game that you can complete within an hour but it's a darn fun one that any old-school gamer would love to have in their collection.

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Sure, it definitely feels steeply expensive compared to stuff like the great Gleylancer port, but with how stellar the core game is and the sheer amount of effort poured to include nearly everything imaginable, this just might be the new gold standard of a standalone retro port. Definitely a case where the price reflects the quality.

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