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Saga of Sins

Bonus Level Entertainment, Just For Games
Mar 30, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Saga of Sins - Reveal Date Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games thumbnail

Saga of Sins - Reveal Date Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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Saga of Sins - Release Date Trailer

Saga of Sins - Reveal Trailer thumbnail

Saga of Sins - Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Saga of Sins

End of the day the only thing I really loved about Saga of Sins was the graphics and art style. The combat was passible but overall just felt very simple for my taste and maybe it was the fact the game focused on the seven deadly sins but I kept getting a Dante’s Inferno vibe. Delving into a world presented in stained glass only to save the town that is stained in sin is some clever wordplay but even with the great graphics and art style, Saga of Sins just didn’t do it for me. I did enjoy the innocent levels more than the action-oriented ones but even that isn’t enough to save this one’s soul in my opinion.

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Though short and certainly limited in a number of ways, Saga of Sins nonetheless leaves an indelible impression. With no shortage of imagination and a solid grasp of action platforming fundamentals, Saga of Sins not only impresses but provides an eye-opening blueprint for where a hopefully much more content stuffed sequel could go next. As it is, Saga of Sins is a breathlessly stylish, though overly brief action platformer that boasts a compelling setting that everybody should check out.

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Saga of Sins' excellent stained-glass visuals are let down by a predictable plot and somewhat workaday gameplay. Hardcore action-platform fans will probably be disappointed, but it might serve as a gentle introduction for newcomers to the genre. There aren't any glaring faults or issues, but it's a shame that it doesn't do quite enough with its solid mind-jumping, demon-battling premise.

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With a story full of twists, an audacious writing that makes us question the character's actions, a spectacular art direction along with a dark and mysterious soundtrack, Saga of Sins turns out to be a good action and platform title. Its multiple endings are interesting and somewhat rewarding, but some of them leave to be desired.

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Saga of Sins is ultimately a fairly clunky experience that has gameplay that, depending on your perspective, may leave quite a bit to be desired. However, it is a unique experience that is worth exploring, and if you’ve wanted a game that takes religious questions seriously rather than just using them as an aesthetic, this game is for you.

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An interesting visual style helps to compensate, at least to some degree, for play that’s not bad but perhaps a bit too familiar

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Saga of Sins looks good. Its use of the stained glass window art style is its only redeeming feature, though.  The gameplay is atrocious, and the level design is no better.  The voice acting and music are passable at this price point, but I can’t recommend this game to anyone in good faith.

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A simple but fun game, Saga of Sins is an action platformer that lets you fight against the Seven Deadly Sins while being a monster yourself. The story throws in some twists and horror elements to keep things interesting, but there isn't much here that will surprise or impress players familiar with the genre -- but they still may find it an enjoyable way to spend 8 hours.

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