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Singularity 6
Oct 24, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Nintendo Life
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Palia | Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer thumbnail

Palia | Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

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Palia | Official Beta Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Palia

Palia isn't really anything special, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. There's a fun gameplay loop to engage with here that fans of farm sims will be sure to enjoy, and though the MMO elements feel rather underbaked in this pre-1.0 release, the microtransactions don't feel overbearing and there's enough solo-focused content here to make it worth trying out. It would be tough to recommend you pick this one up were it a full-price retail release, but you're sure to get at least an afternoon or two of good fun if you choose to try it out. At the end of the day, it costs nothing but time and storage space to give Palia a shot; we'd suggest you download it and see if it's for you-especially if you can't get enough of farm sims. We'll be back to see how this shakes out in 2024.

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