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Critic Reviews for Turmoil

Turmoil is an extremely simple game, and this is why it can keep the players tied to the screen for hours. On the other hand, repetitiveness is around the corner and despite the variety of situations faced in each level, you won't probably start a new campaign after finishing your first playthrough.

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Turmoil plays like a casual game, but as you go along you quickly see that a lot of thought was put into it by people who really like to make games. I found it exciting and fun and just hard enough to keep me interested. If you like games that force you to put some effort in to them, I highly recommend getting it off Steam.

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Even with the upgrades and competition, Turmoil is the epitome of simplicity. It is more about betting against oneself when drilling, playing an extremely simple market, and exploiting upgrades for the most gain. There is some tough competition to out-earn and that’s fun. Still, it’s more of an amusing diversion to relax with. It’s not tense nor particularly challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I haven’t yet felt like declaring I’m finished with Turmoil.

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undefined.Turmoil is a satisfying experience, much like getting your house cleaned up feels good at the end of the day. Being able to discover all of the oil, drill for it, and then sell it feels great, but unless you're good with basically doing just that for a while, the tedious loop and lack of interesting upgrades will keep you from feeling like this was anything but an okay experience, even if you're really into management sims.

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Turmoil is very agile and fun, with mechanics that are simple and challenging at the same time. Contrasting steps that combine long-term planning and quick decision making, the title is recommended for players who prefer that dose of action during the strategy.

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WORTH CONSIDERING - Turmoil is in fact a quite charming game, with a soothing soundtrack and a really clean 2d art style. The gameplay is casual, but addictive and at no time did I ever feel overwhelmed by any of the sim management aspects. It was a fun time for me hopping into the year 1899 and drilling for black gold.

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Turmoil is the kind of game I can put on when I have some free time and then realise I have just spent the last two-three hours playing and it only seemed like a few minutes. It's very addictive and all the mechanics work perfectly in tandem with each other to deliver a very enjoyable and satisfying management sim. The base game itself offers a lot of challenge, many hours of fun, and it also requires a strategic mind in order to take full advantage of everything it has on offer and emerge the victor. The game also does something which a lot of management sims don't do – it made a mundane task entertaining, fun, and a joy to play.

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As far as an audience goes, Turmoil is pretty niche. That in itself isn’t a bad thing—there are plenty of cool niche games out there—but I’m at a bit of a loss as to who this game’s target demographic is. It’s kind of fun, yeah, and it kept me entertained for a while, but it’s too long for its own good, and, much like most flash games, I eventually found my mind wandering to what other games I’d rather be playing,

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