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Mar 17, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Kona | Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Kona

Kona is a wonderful and lovingly crafted accomplishment. It's charming, magical, and smart enough to instill real motivation in its players and layer its cast in realist ways. Kona might be the first of four planned games, but it also happens to be a great standalone adventure that'll have you reaching for the thermostat in no time.

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Spanning several hours and sporting a number of more traditional game features, Kona feels far meatier compared to your average walking sim. The combination of nonlinear design and survival mechanics certainly help to dispel some of the issues I have with the genre. That said, the vagueness surrounding some puzzles, frequent backtracking, and a somewhat dissatisfying finale left me with mixed feelings despite introducing some welcome changes to the formula.

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An interesting adventure that saddly becomes as cold as its plot in terms of gameplay. This game is a new walking experience through almost empty but with lots of items in order to make our research. Good ideas, weak development.

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Kona is a well crafted experience thanks to a good history accompanied to a simple but effective gameplay.

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It may not be the best in the genre, and it certainly has its problems, but you’re given an intriguing mystery to solve in an interesting and unique setting.

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12 / 20

Kona isn't a bad game, it has several qualities like its atmosphere, its narrative and its survival aspect, except for the exhaustion system. But, Parabole�s game has too many weaknesses to captivate us, like a slow rhythm seconded by a feeling of filing. You should eventually discover it in a moment of scarcity or to take a break between two AAA games, which might be difficult considering how this first trimester is exceptional.

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KONA wants to tell an interesting story within the construct of a survival-adventure hybrid game. It succeeds more greatly at doing the latter but even the story provides enough intrigue to merit seeing the brief game through to the end, as ultimately off-the-mark as it becomes. If you're a fan of either genre by which it's inspired then you'll find something to enjoy in the snow-topped Canadian forests of KONA, but pack lightly — it'll be a short and somewhat forgettable stay.

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An inventive and relentlessly atmospheric detective effort, Kona's last minute stumbles and clumsy combat system don't considerably detract from an effort that breathes some fresh life into the first-person adventure genre.

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