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Available on:PCAug 16, 2017

Developer: Compile Heart

Publisher: Idea Factory

Genre: RPG

Io is a simple young man with only one problem – he can’t talk to women! Any attempts at conversation are destroyed by his perverted mind, except when he talks to Lilia, his best friend and a Monster Girl. However, that becomes the least of his problems when he’s tasked with going to the dangerous region of Monstopia. There, Monster Girls have begun rampaging, causing wanton pain and destruction. Have the Monster Girls simply gone mad, or is there an even greater evil afoot…? Find out in this moe-filled dungeon RPG!

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Moero Chronicle Hyper lives up to it's name. It is a hyper-actualized fantasy of sex and sex objects and sex acts and anything sex related. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of raunchiness, the game fails to deliver anything that's truly charming or engaging. Beyond some goofy monster designs, it's a terribly average game all around, hampered even further by a translation that desperately needed more time in the oven.

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Moero Chronicle is an interesting and entertaining dungeon crawler, which is difficult to mess up given the game's premise. Furthermore, the game's writing is hilarious and self aware which makes it even more delightful. Sadly, the best way to describe the battle system would be mediocre and could have used some unique mechanics to make it stand out in the genre. If you're looking for a game that is not to be taken seriously, full of half-naked monster girls, has a basic battle system, and a touching mini-game then look no further because Moero Chronicle is exactly what you have been looking for.

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This dungeon crawler is loaded to the gills with fanservice, but some neat systems can't make up for a forgettable adventure.

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Moero Chronicle has moments of being a decent dungeon crawler for those new to the genre. The basic mechanics are done well, and the idea of collecting monster girls as party members makes gameplay more interesting. However, the act of taming the girls is difficult enough that your interest will fade even if the humor is appealing. Until some of the issues get fixed, it's difficult to recommend this title.

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