Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~

Arc System Works
Dec 2, 2014 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita

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Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~ Media

Critic Reviews for Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~

It's rare that I can't find positives to talk about in detail, and it's a real shame that Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ game wasn't improved in any way, but simply ported with no tangible improvements over the PS Vita original. Fantasy Hero has the occasional solid mechanic in place, but neither the story nor its gameplay boast any interest or originality. This game may have been considered pretty average upon its original release in 2014, but by modern standards it's incredibly poor.

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Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~ features some interesting progression mechanisms and its characters offer some development potential but unfortunately, the action quickly gets dull and repetitive. Adding to this, the game's overall audiovisual component is clearly dated and there are several bugs and errors that make this game something difficult to recommend.

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The nature of Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~'s mission based structure lends itself well to the pick up and play style of Nintendo Switch, but there's nowhere near enough compelling content here to make it worth your time. A dull plot filled to the brim with typical JRPG tropes fails to give you much of an incentive to progress, while the combat itself is far too basic and at times punishingly difficult. This may have been a passable experience upon its original release, but in 2018, this port has little to offer.

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It's never fun to play a game that's so fundamentally uninteresting that you really struggle to even watch the screen as you're playing. Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is a painfully generic and completely forgettable action JRPG, and there's just so much better stuff out there that deserves a port to this console that I'm almost offended that this one, somehow, was singled out for a release on the Nintendo Switch.

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As with most JPRGs, a lot of progression options are present, related to special powers and weapon upgrades. Since they don't make the combat any easier to digest, it doesn't feel relevant to get too detailed about them. Not mentioning that you manually have to click through endless English dialogue while listening to Japanese voice acting doesn't really change the fact that Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ is a title that can and should be ignored.

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All that really needs to be said is that Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~ is an effortless slog. Considering the glut of action RPGs, it's understandable that there would be derivative elements, but this one doesn't even try to do anything unique. Worse, the lack of balance or polish results in a series of escalating aggravations. Before long, the very concept of "fun" is set ablaze, until nothing but ashes remain.

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FHUL is not a good game, but I don’t have regrets about trying it. Sometimes you can find hidden gems regardless of what mainstream reviewers say. This time, however, it amounted to nothing but a shiny turd. I’m more disappointed than anything because FHUL does have some interesting mechanics. But the logic behind those systems must make sense in order for them to come to fruition, and thus, make you as a player actually desire to play it. I can easily recommend a “skip” here, even if you like action RPGs.

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