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Pop-up Pilgrims

Dakko Dakko
Feb 13, 2018 - PlayStation VR

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Pop-Up Pilgrims

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Critic Reviews for Pop-up Pilgrims


No Recommendation / Blank

This unique twist on VR is just a bit too easy.

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Pop-Up Pilgrims is far from a must-have for PlayStation VR though helps demonstrate the tech's implementation in terms of clever gameplay mechanics and not just immersive dioramas.

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Challenging enough, Pop-Up Pilgrims is a pleasant puzzle-platform with Lemmings in its DNA and a discretely exploited VR.

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When I was finished with it all and the Platinum trophy popped up, I had no desire to play the game again, but neither did I regret the experience. Pop-Up Pilgrims is an interesting virtual reality diorama that is just a bit longer than it should be. The best thing that Pop-Up Pilgrims does is present a fascinating papercraft pop-up world that more VR developers should explore. Had it offered a more consistent growth on mechanics and rapid change between the variety, it would have stuck with me more than it did. Instead it was a monotonous and repetitive 60 levels that didn't offer anything memorable during the five or so hours that it took to complete. Pop-Up Pilgrims isn't a bad game by any stretch, but it's not all that interesting or engaging either.

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Nothing is worse than rushing to save one pilgrim only to see another one inadvertently leap to their own doom.

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Pop-up Pilgrims is a beautiful and charming game that is pleasant for a time, until players discover that it carries some backdoor punishments for not getting perfect scores on every level. Compounding the issue, the game never explains this unfortunate mechanic, instead allowing the player to discover how things work when they are already in the midst of their punitive levels. There is no question that the game is well made, and fans of Lemmings-style games will probably find something to love here, Pop-up Pilgrims left me more frustrated than entertained.

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Pop-Up Pilgrims is a puzzle-platform that manages to be entertaining while showing numerous flaws, such as the scarce variety of situations the game has to offer. That, along with a questionable use of the PS VR, prevents us from fully recommending the game.

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The highest compliment that can be said about Pop-Up Pilgrims is that it is not broken. At best, this is an extremely uninteresting and dull game. It plays like some kind of first-year student project that is only slightly elevated by some competent, yet generic art assets. VR is capable of so much more, yet here is a perfect example of a gross misuse of the platform.

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