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Dissident Logic
Mar 31, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Paperbound

With its four-player arena-based combat, 'Paperbound' returns to the glory days of local multiplayer, offering fast and frenetic gameplay that's best enjoyed with a group of friends.

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Paperbound is a thrilling multiplayer arena game, but too few game modes and lack of an online feature makes it only an occasional party favorite.

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Paperbound isn't all that exciting even for hardcore arena veterans, but the foundation is there for a fast-paced frag-fest. The developers employed a half-measure when it comes to aesthetics and content, but there's plenty of fun to be had once you start flipping out and making gravity your bitch.

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If you're looking for a new local multiplayer game for you and your friends, then Paperbound might just be the right one, with its fresh take on the genre and brilliantly inspired aesthetic. If you're not the type for local gaming, then while the AI works well enough, the lack of single player content may get old fast, though the PS4's SharePlay feature could be a welcome solution.

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Built for local couch multiplayer matchups with friends, Paperbound is definitely a quality option for parties, but otherwise will likely be collecting dust on your hard drive in the mean time.

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Paperbound is a riot, and a ton of fun to play with a group of people. As easy as it is to quickly hop in and set up matches, and the fairly simple control scheme overall, it's a great party game. Sadly, Paperbound may not reach its full potential for you if you don't have three other people to play with locally. That doesn't mean it's a bad game, it just means that it is meant for four local human players by design. If you are looking for an excellent party game and a way to relive that classic, long-lost experience of simple, crazy gaming with other people in the same room, Paperbound is a chaotic festival of unpredictable madness that really deserves a home on your PS4. 

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The best way to determine whether Paperbound is for you is by answering one simple question: can you assemble a group of people to play video games with on a regular occasion? If the answer's yes, then put this on your watch list; it's a fun and fulfilling casual brawler that will provide solid afternoons of multiplayer action. If not, then you should probably consider closing the book on your interest in this.

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For ten dollars you get a game that really is just a multiplayer game that you can only enjoy with friends at your house. For some that could be a bit of an undertaking in and of itself. But if you can get three friends to play with you, you can have a decent time with it.

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