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Deep Sky Derelicts

Snowhound Games, 1C Company
Sep 26, 2018 - PC

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Deep Sky Derelicts - Official Launch Trailer

Deep Sky Derelicts | Roguelite Turn-based RPG - Early Access Launch Trailer (2017) thumbnail

Deep Sky Derelicts | Roguelite Turn-based RPG - Early Access Launch Trailer (2017)

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Deep Sky Derelicts Teaser - Gamescom 2017

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Critic Reviews for Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts provides an exciting blend of tactics, card game, and roguelike elements.

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Overall, however, I like Deep Sky Derelicts. It's literally the embodiment of "easy to pick up, difficult to master" and it will provide fans of Darkest Dungeon with another terrifying journey into the unknown that will require nuanced and strategic gameplay in order to be successful.

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Deep Sky Derelicts is a decent little adventure that cares more about the journey than the destination. The problems are enough to keep me from loving it, but the combat is addictive and the exploration, while annoyingly simple, rewarding. If you're a fan of roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, or sci-fi RPGs, it's worth checking out.

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Great ideas and some outright fun is far too often marred by technical glitches, a maddening GUI, and simply overwhelming amounts of numbers and terms with very little information as to what any of it does. The originality of the game is cool but there are too many ideas were packed in without actually making sure they all work together coherently.

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Everything about Deep Sky Derelict seems to have been done right, from the synthwave soundtrack to the lore to the unusual combat system. It's rare that a game with procedural elements holds my attention for long, and rarer still that an RPG can show me something new.

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It is like sci-fi comic book with turn-based combat with cards. Just with poor story and some flaws.

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If you're looking for a turn-based strategy game set in a dystopian world where you won't feel attached by your characters and don't need to pay attention to the story, Deep Sky Derelicts has a lot to offer. Keep in mind though that while it's easy to pick up, Snowhound Games' title is hard to master.

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Culture of Gaming

Ryan Warner
8 / 10.0
Culture of Gaming

Despite a fair few niggling gripes with it, Deep Sky Derelicts is a damn fine game. As far as roguelikes go, it manages to be something new and different while still staying true to all the things that make the genre great. It’s stands out in an overcrowded genre on the ingenuity of its setting and a few unique mechanics. It can be brutal at times, but compelling enough to get you through it. I played a lot more than I need to. It’s a solid example of a tried and tested genre. For their second game, and their first PC title, this is an excellent showing from Snowhound Games. I look forward to their next offering. If you want to see more reviews like this, head on over to look for us there.

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