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The Blackout Club

Jul 30, 2019 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Blackout Club


No Recommendation / Blank

Impressive heritage and a handful of neat ideas bubble beneath this co-op horror, though they're both ultimately squandered.

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I'm so torn on The Blackout Club. The prologue is an amazing experience and the game itself, while drastically different, still kept my friends and I coming back. But it's not a good game. There are too many bugs and mishandled mechanics holding it back, in addition to a huge bait-and-switch on story and lore. I do think there is a lot of potential here, as The Blackout Club fills an empty void in the market, but dang it's just so disappointing in its current state.

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The Blackout Club is a strong addition to the co-op horror genre. Enemies and gameplay are really well handled, and playing with friends is a brilliant experience. If the story was a little more in-depth and better paced, this might be considered unmissable. As it is, The Blackout Club is a worthwhile game if not an essential one.

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At this time, The Blackout Club isn't a club worth joining. For now, close your eyes and try to imagine a better game.

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The Blackout Club is a pretty fun adventure - especially played in a cooperative- that mixes stealth, horror and some conspiracy theory in a remarkable way. However, a rough combat and repetitive missions make the adventure lose steam with the hours.

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An absorbing thriller with a splash of They Live and The Goonies, this spooky multiplayer game has you investigating paranormal goings-on in suburbia

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Pace yourself in the Blackout Club and it can be a fantastic game for a long time. From its various enemies and threats to its sinister suburban setting, the game feels great to play with friends, just as long as you don't spend too much time with it at once.

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With a few small hiccups along the road that can probably be easily ironed out, and as long as you have patience in abundance, The Blackout Club is a good time.

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