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War for the Overworld

Subterranean Games
Apr 2, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for War for the Overworld


No Recommendation / Blank

At the moment, it's hard to recommend actually buying it. It's not hard, however, to imagine that the few months when it should have remained Early Access will be able to make the difference - to file off the rough edges, add the missing features, and create a dungeon experience that can appeal to both the hardcore fans out for a challenge and more casual Keepers looking for the darkly dripping horrors of a place to realise their evil whims.

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Not so much a sequel to Dungeon Keeper 2 as an unofficial remake, and while a little magic has been lost along the way this is still a charmingly unique strategy game.

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I can only remain confident that, from this positive base, Overworld is only going to get better. It just would have been wonderful to have it begin that way, because we don't rate potential here.

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War for the Overworld and Heart of Gold are serviceable spiritual successors to Dungeon Keeper. There's quite a few issues with the game but no major show-stoppers.

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Anyone who has fond memories of playing Dungeon Keeper will find War for the Overworld to be a nostalgia trip. It's not as advanced as it could be at a technical level, but further fixes and updates could lead to an improved experience.

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War for the Overworld will eventually be a 9/10 as long as the support continues, just a shame it isn't there yet.

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'War for the Overworld' is a game made by people who dearly love 'Dungeon Keeper', but love alone does not a good game make. The current form of the game is basically a beta, and has a lot of cleaning up to do. Despite its issues, which range from nagging to serious, I am having a blast playing it. Don't come here expecting a polished product, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it.

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Unfortunately, the game itself still doesn't quite feel ready for the spotlight, and a clunky interface and far too many bugs hold it back from being an absolute must play. Still, despite the notable shortcomings, War for the Overworld is a true Dungeon Keeper sequel in everything but name. Fans waiting for a new entry in the series should just abandon any hope for that and instead embrace this as their new overworld overlord.

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