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Nov 6, 2014

Tiny Trooper's few problems fail to completely derail the experience and it still works as a solid mobile port. I doubt it will make any real lasting impression with most players, but I had fun with some of the missions and grew attached to a few of my squad members as they leveled up over the course of the game (and then promptly died, because war is hell). Tiny Troopers may be a middle-of-the-road experience, but sometimes that's just fine.

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8 / 10
Oct 28, 2014

With nearly eight hours of content for such a small price it will keep you entertained for many a bus journey to work.

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6.5 / 10.0
Nov 3, 2014

A simple, yet enjoyable arcade style shooter, Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops proves entertaining enough but is somewhat stifled by its humble mobile origins.

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7 / 10.0
Dec 10, 2014

Tiny Troopers: Join Ops is a fun, little twin stick shooter that you can play on the go. While it can get repetitive at times, it provides enough enjoyment that you will probably come back to the game in short sessions. There are some things in the game that do get extremely annoying at times but I think the positives certainly outweigh the negatives here.

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Mar 4, 2016

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is an easy to pick up, fun little twin stick shooter and it's hard to criticize the title or find any particular fault with the game. It's a faithful reproduction of the two mobile games and offers plenty of levels to play. In small doses, it is indeed very playable and, as a distraction and diversion, it's great fun and the closest that you'll get to the classic Cannon Fodder on any modern console. For that alone it has to be commended. However, there is a feeling that by sticking so closely to the mobile roots of the game, the developers have somewhat confined and restricted the title in some way. It's good to have the franchise finally on the Xbox One and I'm quietly hoping for more in the future.

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55 / 100
Dec 5, 2014

While Tiny Trooper: Joint Ops has some neat ideas perhaps my biggest criticism is that I didn't find myself overly compelled to return to it. It can be a fun diversion but lacks that "just one more level" sense of attraction.

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5.5 / 10.0
Mar 3, 2016

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is not a bad game, it just has that mobile feel to it that hinders it in many ways. The progression of the player's soldiers, the slow movement, and short missions don't really translate well to the controller.

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4.9 / 10.0
Mar 18, 2016

Tiny Troopers takes a simple concept of twin stick shooting and does absolutely nothing new with it at all. If you're looking for a game with something worthwhile to offer, you've come to the wrong place.

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4 / 10
Nov 17, 2014

It's the repetitiveness that really hurts Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops – there's just not a lot else to see beyond the first few missions. There are some good ideas here – the squad system being the real highlight – but relatively easy gameplay and flawed AI let it down. Worse still, at the time of writing, this series is free on mobile platforms, meaning that even with cross-buy, it's a purchase that's somewhat hard to justify.

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5 / 10
Dec 28, 2017

There's no denying Tiny Troopers Joint Ops: XL offers a lot of bang for its buck - over 60 main missions and a ton of undead-slaying quests see to that - and its bite-sized nature fits Nintendo Switch down to the ground, but ultimately it's an exercise in quantity over quality. There's fun to be had in its caricature take on war, but its light sprinkling of other genres and low-rent presentation is retro for all the wrong reasons.

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