Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found

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7 / 10
Oct 7, 2016

I found Toy Odyssey to be, all in all, an enjoyable little romp evne if it wasn't something I probably would have picked up and played on my own. It still managed to be fun and exciting, with an impressive attention to detail and plenty of reasons to keep coming back, as long as you space out your visits to the toy room by a few days proper.

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7 / 10
Sep 28, 2016

An inconspicuous game that manages to entertain with its procedural platforming but fails on delivering a succesful combat.

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70 / 100
Feb 15, 2017

Toy Odyssey is marred with some old-school platforming woes that should not be featured in a 2017 release, but this Metroid-style nighttime toy adventure also provides lots of fun and plays fine enough to be worth the frustration. Lots of difficult platforming challenges and fighting await you in this dark and spooky title, if you can get past the random generation issues and unfair pitfalls.

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5 / 10.0
Sep 29, 2016

It’s a shame to say, but Toy Odyssey disappointed me almost from the start, but in a very conflicting way. I immediately could tell the core action and platforming where rough, but I enjoyed the visuals and story elements. A game that quite frankly walks a straight line right down the middle for me. As a game, I grew frustrated with it, as an idea I wanted to like it more.

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85 / 100
Nov 5, 2016

Toy Odyssey overall is a fun and engaging experience. Be prepared to lose yourself in the hauntingly majestic corridors of the Clade household.

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Oct 5, 2016

All in all Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found works because the game tickles our minds based on a time when our imaginations were their most fertile: childhood. I know my toys often waged large-scale war with one another all over the living room and this game captures that in its level and character design as well as the central narrative revolving around a young boy and his nightmares.

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6 / 10.0
Jan 9, 2017

If you can deal with the constant grind that comes from the raids and randomness of each playthrough, Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found can be good. Despite a number of flaws, the overall gameplay is entertaining, and the story is interesting once you get enough pieces together. It isn't flawless in its many technical areas, but the job it ultimately does is more than adequate. That grind still hurts, and those looking for more structure and a better sense of progression in their titles would be better served elsewhere.

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7 / 10.0
Nov 26, 2016

A beautiful, fun to play game with a lot to collect but not so much to actually do by a promising indie developer. Those who want a challenge should play this game ASAP.

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8 / 10
Oct 13, 2016

Whilst Toy Odyssey eventually may feel a little repetitive… the layouts, enemies and tasks at hand change enough that replayability does genuinely feel unlimited

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Feb 16, 2017

I had a great time with the game for my Toy Odyssey: Lost and Found review. It ran great on my PS4, was fun to play and very rewarding. The one complaint I’d have is that the in-game text is very small. Other than that, I recommend that you give this one a go!

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