Stifled Reviews

Stifled is ranked in the 13th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
7 / 10.0
Nov 13, 2017

A good psychological thriller. Not a masterpiece, but one of best indie game for PlayStation VR.

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4.9 / 10.0
Jul 31, 2018

Stifled is a stealth horror game that brings its own flair to the genre by using echolocation to see in the dark. The player has to use their own voice to see, but also must be cautious to avoid attracting the attention of creatures hiding in the void. Stifled has a truly unique core gameplay mechanic that is both interesting and nerve-racking, but it seems underutilized throughout the game. The repetitive design of the levels minimizes the horror impact of the gameplay, and the lack of diversity and AI in the monsters leaves much to be desired. At a $20 price tag, the game felt more like an overpriced proof-of-concept juxtaposed with a completely unrelated story rather than a full-fledged horror experience.

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6 / 10
Jan 5, 2018

Stifled offers an original approach to the survival and stealth genre, with sound used as a way to progress and being chased. The efficient VR experience sadly falls flat as it gets redundant and the mechanics quickly run out of steam.

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5.5 / 10.0
Nov 14, 2017

Stifled is an exercise in taking a great idea and applying it to a worn out genre. The indie horror tropes bleed through, despite a unique initial premise. Mumbling under my breath to be able to see barely plays into the narrative, and no scare ever got me to scream out loud, so it didn't quite have the intended effect, seeming more like a gimmick by the end. The tired horror ideas became quickly obvious when VR and mic audio are not used. Gimmicks are the only legs that Stifled has to stand on, and when the novelty of them wears out, there's only a tried and dull horror experience underneath.

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6 / 10.0
Nov 15, 2017

Stifled is absolutely not the best indie horror game on the market, but I have to respect it for what it brings to the table. While the game is short and the frustration can – at times – be palpable, Stifled is a smart and satisfying game (especially for anyone invested in VR setups). Although we are out of Halloween and horror season, any fan of the VR medium and the indie horror scene should take a chance on this game and see… or, not see… what it has in store.

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3.4 / 5.0
Nov 11, 2017

It's great to see developers, particularly smaller ones, not only support VR gaming but also expand upon it in a meaningful and, most importantly, fun way; the central mechanic of using your microphone in order to see fosters constant engagement between the player and the game and is a large part of why this charming little indie effort stands out so far from the pack, for me at least.

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Digitally Downloaded
Matt C.
Top Critic
Nov 9, 2017

Instead of a uniquely terrifying experience, Stifled is just a tiresome and forgettable one.

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7 / 10
Nov 23, 2017

Gattai Games has created a really great example of how to use PSVR to enhance an experience and I look forward to seeing what the come up with next.

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7 / 10
Nov 13, 2017

Stifled is an interesting take on a VR horror game. The problem is that you will start moaning stupid sounds into the microphone after a short time which can be pretty annoying. But the rest is solid and something totally new to check out.

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7 / 10.0
Jun 13, 2018

There is definitely quite a few good reasons to be playing Stifled for those who are interested in horror games. The game is available for VR for those who have it.

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Nov 12, 2017

If you are looking for a title to scare the pants off yourself, or you love interesting game mechanics then Stifled is, without doubt, a must-buy. If you find the thought of being stuck in a claustrophobic sewer with minimal vision and some horrible hell spawn chasing you terrifying…. well let’s just say that Stifled isn’t the game for you.

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