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Weak Man

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4.5 / 10.0
Mar 24, 2018

Beast Quest tries to be a great game, but it is too simple and lacks to provide the entertainment that could make the fans of the genre stay with it.

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Top Critic

2 / 10
Apr 6, 2018

Beast Quest is the gaming equivalent of Old Yeller, but without the emotional attachment.

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3 / 10
Mar 16, 2018

Beast Quest feels unfinished. Its graphical presentation is put to shame by many PS3 titles, and we're absolutely baffled how the experience doesn't even manage to run at a consistent framerate on the PS4 Pro. But even if these two aspects were up to snuff, the gameplay and plot are still below average. Beast Quest has very little to offer to even the most die-hard fans of the book series, and everyone else is advised to steer well clear.

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2 / 10
Jan 7, 2020

Beast Quest is an adventure game and one that is devoid of any impressive qualities that would justify its purchase. While not all games need to have groundbreaking visuals or tap into a rush of addictive behaviour in our brains, Beast Quest does not present any compelling arguments to give it a chance: it's shallow, repetitive, it has an empty plot, too many performance issues and to top it all off, its price tag is way too exaggerated. A few tweaks here and there could make it into something minimally entertaining but what's on display here should not be recommended to anyone.

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Nintendo Life
Jason Brown

Top Critic

3 / 10
Oct 31, 2019

.Put aside your affection for Adam Blade's novels and just play one of the many other amazing RPGs on Switch instead.

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3.8 / 10.0
Apr 1, 2018

The dark wizard Malvel has cursed the creatures who have always protected us and are now causing chaos in Avantia.With a not very good result.

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3 / 10.0
Apr 15, 2018

It's not the dated graphics. It's not the inexplicably long loading screens. It's not even the fact the hammy voice acting, or the fact that the game has a pretty steep price point considering what it has to offer. The main thing that stands out in Beast Quest is the lost potential of what it could have been: a rich, engaging RPG about a young knight finding his feet in a magical world. It wouldn't have reinvented the wheel, but it could have at least tried to give us something more to work with than the bare bones of a game from the 2000s.

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4 / 10.0
Apr 22, 2018

An awful porting for a mediocre game.

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Arash Parsapour

Top Critic

55 / 100
Mar 29, 2018

Beast Quest is at most a kinda good game for the younger gamers who are tired of cartoonish platformers. The game is a warm-up for experiencing AAA role-playing games later.

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6 / 10.0
Apr 19, 2018

Learn how to save legendary beasts and protect Kingdom of Avantia in decent RPG based on the best-selling fantasy novels.

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