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All-Star Fruit Racing

Mar 23, 2018 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for All-Star Fruit Racing

I have a lot of questions for this game, like why is Poseimon one of the last tracks I unlock when it's so dull and why does Dino Juice have a Jurassic Park design motif with a Danny Elfman inspired music track? Or why did I race the same track two different times in a single cup? But I don't want to think about what the answers to those would be because I really don't want to think about All-Star Fruit Racing anymore. If this were on mobile I'd have deleted it after my first trip to Avocado Roller. As it's a PS4 game, I was holding to hope there'd be something, anything, I could grasp on to here that would signify it as a quality kart racer for the platform. There isn't.

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It has managed to surprise us in a very positive way: although it has its flaws, like an unpolished audio as well as a lack of online features, it possesses a ton of content to enjoy, the progression and unlocking systems are adequate, the are new elements introduced in the oversteer and attack systems, that with some exceptions, add some uniqueness to it, and, most of all, has its own identity regarding the visual elements.

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Despite its issues, All-Star racing is an original take on the kid-friendly kart racer which offers a wonderful selection of fruit themed content to keep both children and adults entertained. It might not get everything right, but it's a beautifully juicy start.

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Beyond the comparative grievance with Mario Kart, All-Star Fruit Racing feels like a low budget karting game with nothing in particular beyond its juice mixer system for some unsurprising and ineffective power-ups.

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All-Star Fruit Racing is a relatively fun kart racer that has some good ideas, but it all goes a bit pear-shaped. Though it provides a decent amount of content both in single and multiplayer, the wavering performance, some iffy design choices, and a general lack of polish may spoil your appetite. If you're hungry for a simple kart racing experience on PS4, this may give you a bite of the cherry, but it'll sadly never be top banana.

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All-Star Fruit Racing is as sweet as its name implies.

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Uninspired music jams, slow loading and rendering of tracks can all become tiresome, taking away from what generally is a wonderful world filled with color.

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All-Star Fruit Racing takes a unique karting weapon system, throws it into a blender with some cute presentation ideas and an unfortunate series of technical annoyances, and ends up with a pretty mixed bag as a result. This is a competent racer, and there's just about enough content to make you want to keep playing, but it never realises the potential that it could have had and doesn't really stand up to the heights that other titles can offer. It's just a little on the weak side to justify its asking price, so bear that in mind before jumping into a fruity purchase.

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