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Aug 12, 2019

DARQ certainly doesn't overstay its welcome, presenting a short and concise experience. But when is short too short?

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8 / 10.0
Aug 14, 2019

Even if it may take you quicker than an afternoon nap to dust off, Darq is an experience that horror fans won't want to miss.

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Stanislav Franc
8 / 10
Sep 9, 2019

DARQ is an artistic created horror game with great sound design, good atmosphere and great difficulty of puzzles. While walking between puzzles, sometimes you run too much between puzzle, but it is still a great game, which thanks great sound design, you will enjoy the game to the maximum.

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80 / 100
Aug 14, 2019

DARQ is a strange and uncomfortable journey that will delight fans of Tim Burton and his universe. Its attractive gameplay based on walking walls and ceilings adds a lot to the playable scheme, although it doesn't fully exploit it. The use of sound effects to create tension is very effective and although there are no musical themes, they will not be missed. Unfortunately, it's a pretty short game with no replayability, but it's certainly worth what it has to offer.

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8 / 10.0
Aug 30, 2019

DARQ is a creative and fun game that every moment of it can be enjoyed. Such creative riddles are rarely found in a video game these days and the game also tells a beautiful conceptual story that is not easy to understand for everyone, and can be said to rely too much on symbols. This is not very appealing to today's gamers. Therefore, it cannot be considered as something close to a masterpiece and only remains at a very good level

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5.5 / 10.0
Aug 15, 2019

While there are moments where the spookiness clicks, like its hectic climax, the rest is forgettable. It will give a fright once in a while, but that shock quickly disappears.

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7 / 10.0
Aug 14, 2019

Darq is a beautifully stylish, Tim Burton-esque romp through the subconscious dream-world of a young boy which manages to be spectacular even with a very short length. The minor niggles here and there are easily ignored thanks to a great tone and a great amount of polish for the first effort from an indie studio.

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6.5 / 10.0
Aug 14, 2019

The game offers players some decidedly remarkable moments during the three hours required for completion

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17 / 20
Aug 20, 2019

DARQ manages to bring a breath of fresh air without ever going to far.

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7 / 10
Aug 15, 2019

Darq is an intelligent puzzle game with a delightfully dreary setting that is over far quicker than you want it to be.

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