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75 / 100
Aug 17, 2021

A deeply personal two-hour meditation on saying goodbye that invites you to channel your lived experiences and walk alongside its characters. It's a little sparse on the details, but No Longer Home still gives players plenty to chew on.

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60 / 100
Aug 11, 2021

Overall, it was hard to care for Ao and Bo’s story. The dialog was a slog. The character’s perspectives often changed too fast. And while going over their dilemmas, again and again, I found myself not wanting to play anymore. I’d rather just go out for a beer and talk to them in person and let them know life is going to be okay. High school and college are but footnotes in hopefully a long healthy story of yourself. In the end, if you find yourself at this particular time in life, it might be worth experiencing their story. But if you’re past it, you may not find much here to resonate with.

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7.5 / 10.0
Aug 13, 2021

Witness (or relive) the final moments of moving out of a student flat and into the throes of adulthood in No Longer Home. Pick through boxes, pallets, plus last conversations and goodbyes in this relaxing and relatable visual novel.

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3.6 / 5.0
Aug 9, 2021

In terms of would I recommend the game… that's not easy to answer. Given the length of "play time"I would certainly start by suggesting waiting for a sale. If you are after a lot of interaction then I'd say avoid it. If you quite like choose your own adventures or indie theatre performances then this might just be up your alley. If you feel non binary or just overwhelmed at what life has in store for you while studying or after completing study… this might be the familiar voice you want to hear. It's far more an experience than a game so if that's your thing then give it a try, if not then look elsewhere.

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Aug 18, 2021

No Longer Home doesn’t out stay its welcome and is a relatively short experience, but I generally found it interesting and inventive. It clearly borrows heavily from Kentucky Route Zero, but wisely doesn’t try to imitate it, but rather borrows narratively and structurally. Ao and Bo’s relationship is very well fleshed out, and they are honest and truthful to each other in a refreshing way, their dialogue never feeling forced or unnatural. This is commendable, as realistic romantic relationships are often difficult to accurately convey in video games. It’s a game which pauses and asks you to value the small moments in life. I took this lesson to heart, using every opportunity I could to pet the flat’s two cats, Luna and Autumn. Sometimes, just petting a cat can spark joy. Life consists of a multitude of small moments, and at some point, we all must move from old homes and build new ones. No Longer Home, like Gone Home before it, proves the adage “you can’t go home again” remains as true as ever.

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Merlin'in Kazanı
Aleyna Yıldırım

Top Critic

72 / 100
Aug 12, 2021

No Longer Home is able to give the player all that he wants to give. It delivers exactly what is expected of a short and personal story. I would have liked to play the story of Ao and Bo a little longer.

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9.5 / 10.0
Aug 1, 2021

No Longer Home is an authentic and often unsettling story about the process of moving out and moving on. Of course, every player will take something different away from their experience playing, but it is an experience that I highly recommend. With beautiful designs, excellent characters, and a great soundtrack, No Longer Home is well worth picking up.

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