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Dino Frontier is ranked in the 37th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
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4 / 10
Aug 4, 2017

The VR immersion is great and the setting certainly has potential, but with no depth or challenge to the gameplay this trumped-up tech demo lacks teeth.

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8 / 10.0
Aug 2, 2017

With a longer run time and more complexity, Dino Frontier could've been the next great PlayStation VR game. As is, though, it's still high up there as one of my favorites for the headset. If you have Move controllers and want a light city-building sim to chill out with, jump on this right away.

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8 / 10
Aug 18, 2017

If Uber had stretched Dino Frontier just that little bit further, adding some kind of longevity beyond its ten-hour playtime, it would be a must-have for PlayStation VR. Still, there are few games using Sony's tech that can boast the same balance of immersion and fun. Where I've often felt exhaustion or relief as I take the VR visor from my head, playing Dino Frontier always left me with a smile on my face.

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7.7 / 10.0
Aug 10, 2017

Dino Frontier sinks in longevity and in strategic/management depth, but if you're looking for a truly immersive and approachable VR game you've found it.

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6 / 10
Aug 1, 2017

Dino Frontier's fun for the few hours you'll wring out of it, but it could have been so much more. The game is bursting with brilliant ideas, but it never really evolves any of them, leaving an experience that expires long before the cold clutches of extinction have had an opportunity to arise. It's a shame because with a bit more time in the saloon this could have been a classic – but you may want to wait until it's half-price before pulling the trigger on this release.

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7.5 / 10.0
Aug 1, 2017

Dino Frontier is an impeccably charming adventure, one that feels like physically playing with a bunch of cowboy figures and plastic dinosaurs. There's the foundation for a really solid and unique simulation builder game, not to mention another great application of virtual reality, but Dino Frontier never plays to its strengths as a game. Building the town and training the dinosaurs ends up being a linear experience without the kind of freedom you would expect from a builder, though still has the charm of opening up a toy box and imagining a world where dinosaurs and cowboys roam the Wild West together.

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9.3 / 10.0
Aug 3, 2017

Dino Frontier VR for PlayStation4 VR is a blast. It is accessible for all ages.

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7.6 / 10.0
Aug 7, 2017

Dino Frontier offers an incredibly charming world-building simulation for gamers to play through, with the blend of Dinosaurs and the Wild West working together perfectly in offering a world that you’ll actually really want to be a part of. Add to that the accessible controls and intuitive gameplay mechanics and it’s easy see why you’d get absorbed into the game almost instantly. There just isn’t really enough of it, especially at the game’s high price point. This isn’t a title that you’re going to find yourself spending hours upon hours lost in, but one where it’ll all be over in just a few hours. Whilst this is enough for some games, I would’ve liked to have spent a bit more time in Dino Frontier’s Dinosaur-filled world. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed Dino Frontier and its solid evidence that this kind of game works perfectly within the unorthodox confines of VR. There isn’t enough here to hook you in for too long, but what it does offer is of top quality.

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7 / 10.0
Jul 31, 2017

Ever wondered what it would be like to train dinosaurs just like Chris Pratt in Jurassic World? Well wonder no more with Dino Frontier by Uber Entertainment on the PSVR.

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