Metroid Prime: Federation Force

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Feb 3, 2017

"Multiplayer-focused spin-off lacks charm."

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Oct 4, 2016

Federation Force is an alright game. It is for the most part a well-designed co-op shooter. Looking for a fantastic single player experience? Or the next great Metroid title? This probably isn’t the game for you.

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Sep 30, 2016

The love and care that Next Level Games put into Federation Force is evident throughout. It’s lush with detail, offering gameplay that is evocative of the Prime series while still establishing its own identity. The game makes no attempt to pretend it isn’t a spin-off of the Metroid series, and I think that if fans can look beyond their own desire for another Samus outing and embrace Federation Force for what it is, they’ll find a very respectful new take on a beloved formula.

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7 / 10
Sep 25, 2016

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is an interesting idea and definitely not a bad game.

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4 / 10.0
Sep 20, 2016

Other M is no longer the worst Metroid game.

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Sep 20, 2016

In the end, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a limited game that fails to do justice to its source material.

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Az Elias

Top Critic

6 / 10
Sep 18, 2016

It is easy to write Metroid Prime: Federation Force off completely without playing it, and there is no question that it has its fair share of faults, whether it is balancing, tedious and gimmicky missions, and a slow set of opening hours, but there is something here that deserves giving it a chance. Running the campaign solo will not result in the best experience, but this has been designed to be played with other people, and that is when Federation Force is at its best. Previously dull missions become fun when they allow players to focus on different tasks, and there is still a visible effort to ensure it feels like a Metroid Prime game, which also runs well and controls smoothly with the recommended setup of Circle Pad Pro or New 3DS. It may not be the type of game nearly all Metroid fans desperately want, and it may go ignored due to that, but Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a great example of not only how to make FPS work on the 3DS, but how to successfully do co-operative mission-based multiplayer.

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5 / 10
Sep 14, 2016

Metroid Prime: Federation Force could have been a whole new entry in the Metroid Prime series but unfortunately its fine control system and variety of game modes (including online multiplayer) are not enough to save it from the overall lack of interest of its missions, lacklustre bosses (for the Metroid series, at least) and simply unfitting art style and visual environment.

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2 / 5.0
Sep 13, 2016

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a bland and frustrating take on the Metroid franchise. Though it’s a technically functional game, Federation Force is an overall disappointment that doesn’t understand what makes Metroid so great.

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4 / 5.0
Sep 12, 2016

Sure it’s not Samus but Metroid Prime Federation Force is actually quite a good game on the 3DS and if you’re looking for a challenge with some fun gaming mechanics, it would do you well to check out this title.

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