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Summary: God of War is simply a masterpiece. One of the best games of this console generation.

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William Haderlie
May 9, 2018

The one word that comes to mind the most when playing this game was spectacle. There were amazing spectacles when just wandering around the world or rowing in your boat while Mimir relates the history of the Aesir. There was also amazing spectacle when you fight the massive bosses that you have come to expect from the God of War series. Surprisingly some of the greatest spectacle comes from the human sized bosses who quickly reveal themselves to be other Gods. You discover only a couple hours in that this game has the greatest superhero fights you’ve ever seen in a video game. This game takes around 20 hours for the main story, and around 15-20 more hours to finish everything else (over twice as long as previous God of War games even though it’s the same standard price of $59.99). During none of that time did I feel like I was just going through the motions. I never felt bored, I never felt underwhelmed, and I never felt like the game was taking control or agency from me. This isn’t just an amazing “experience”, this is an amazing game. So yes the other reviewers are correct that it’s a masterpiece. But it’s not a masterpiece despite being a God of War game, they didn’t leave us fans behind. It’s a masterpiece because they took Kratos and they made him even better. Not only did they make possibly the game of the generation, the anticipation for a sequel is rabid and will not abate until we have it in our hands.

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95 / 100
May 9, 2018

Santa Monica jumped into the void announcing such a groundbreaking new installment. And the result could not have been more satisfactory; God of War is one of the great titles of the generation. Ambitious at all levels, Kratos - and Atreus - mark the future that the saga will take from now on.

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Apr 30, 2018

God of War not only remind us why Kratos is one of the most emblematic characters of the PlayStation brand, but also there's a lot of changes you can do in a established franchise. Not only the gameplay changes are great but also Santa Monica finally transformed the greek god into a compelling character.

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9.9 / 10.0
Jun 12, 2019

God of War not only shows what the PS4 is capable of, it’s an amazing evolution of the series.

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9.5 / 10.0
Jul 7, 2019

God of War is a modern masterpiece and one of the best games to grace the Playstation 4 library. It’s a sweeping tale of loss and new beginnings and one that echoes the nature of the God of War series. With a stunning soundtrack and many gameplay systems to sink your teeth into, there’s something here for everyone and a game that will keep you engrossed for many hours.

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9 / 10.0
Nov 20, 2018

The combat is incredibly fun, and when you get the hang of it, looks really cool to boot. Executions get very repetitive though, usually a single animation or two per enemy type. But you can use them as much or as little as you please. Sending enemies flying is a lot of fun and makes you feel Krato’s incredible strength.

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9 / 10
May 9, 2018

"God of War" ties in with old traditions and yet makes much better. The series has grown up and "God of War" undoubtedly has the potential to become the action adventure of the year. Multifaceted characters, rich enemy chunks, an elaborate skill system are just a few of the many criteria that are simply right in this title. Even though the fights are varied and brutal despite the new perspective, it's above all the quiet moments in which "God of War" shines especially well. It is the story of a father marked by war, who only begins to grow through the curiosity and perseverance of his son. The whole thing is embedded in an almost unreal scenery, accompanied by an epic sound and a well-done soundtrack. A masterpiece that will not only captivate genre fans.

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Jul 4, 2019

Again though, we really are splitting hairs because this is a near flawless game.

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9 / 10.0
Apr 27, 2018

Rarely do games feel as singularly visionary as God of War; this is a rarest of AAA games with no whiff of publisher interference or executive meddling whatsoever. Almost entirely fat-free while still serving up literally dozens of hours of worthwhile, value-filled entertainment, that it does this alongside an unexpectedly visceral and emotionally involving story makes it an elite, towering accomplishment that a sequel nevertheless has the potential to build and improve upon.

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Apr 12, 2018

The god of war is back at his peak performance. Don't fear the series' new direction and embark on an epic adventure. The new God of War is one of the highlights of this console generation.

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