FATED: The Silent Oath (VR)

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62 / 100
Apr 21, 2017

The base idea and the setting looked promising, but the core experience is too light and simple. It's a pity, because it had more potential.

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7 / 10
Apr 14, 2017

At only a few hours long, Fated keeps things short and sweet. Although there's little reason to go back and play again, I didn't feel as though the £7.99 pricetag was too steep. In that respect, it's more of a showpiece, a flashy virtual rollercoaster, and one that's definitely worth riding.

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Jun 2, 2016

Fated: The Silent Oath is unique among the current slate of VR games, in that it has an engaging story and a fully realized world. However, the short time spent in this world could be vastly improved in many ways. Those who have a VR headset and want to see how a traditional story-based experience could work should be intrigued, but others might want to skip this adventure.

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5 / 10.0
May 20, 2016

Its narrative is lacklustre and it’s over with far too quickly, but FATED: The Silent Oath has moments of strong immersion within a well-build but underused world.

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50 / 100
Mar 29, 2017

Fated: the Silent Oath didn’t allow me to become the Viking that I dreamed of being, but there is a decent experience mixed in with the game’s poor gameplay elements and innovative controls. While I might have been able to feel a connection with the characters, the constant lack of immersion dampened what could have a been much more satisfying game.

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5.3 / 10.0
Apr 30, 2017

Fated: The Silent Oath is a brief Nordic experience that teases something greater, but will ultimately leave the player wondering if there is more to come.

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7 / 10
Mar 29, 2017

Fated: The Silent Oath is a brief but worthwhile reason to turn your PlayStation VR headset on. While walking simulators in virtual reality are already becoming dime a dozen, Fated actually backs this up with good voice work, characters that are very easy to care about, and a strong, laser-focused art direction.

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8 / 10.0
Mar 28, 2017

The Silent Oath is an excellent story-driven game that brings out the very best of virtual reality’s application and is one that certainly deserves a sequel.

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13 / 20
Apr 3, 2017

For this first episode of Fated : The Silent Oath, the developers at Frima Studio manage to spark an interest in the player, despite a low duration, leading to a lack of emotions felt. Endowed with pretty environments but animations and lipsynch from another time, this debut mostly makes us travel in VR. With well put mechanics and well brought sequences, Fated : The Silent Oath is an enjoyable experience. Too bad that the too-little taste is getting the upper hand, for now at least.

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7.5 / 10.0
Apr 11, 2017

FATED is one of the first VR experiences, and its interactive part is quite minimized. However, the game's story is interesting and can lead the player until the end. A short but fascinating adventure.

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