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7 / 10
Jul 19, 2016

If the issues don’t phase you and you are at peace with large sections of dialogue, you will find an interesting, dismal world filled with shadowy characters and intrigue. Everyone is a bit off in Dex, whether they’re shady themselves or they’re in the midst of their own tragedy that is no doubt brought on by people you have already met. Uncovering the threads that connect the residents of Harbor Prime is a fascinating look into a flawed future, if you are willing to hack for it.

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7 / 10.0
Jul 11, 2016

Dex is an 2D RPG with a Cyberpunk style that will entertain the players that enjoy the futurist settings. Its open world and its charisma make a quite enjoyable game.

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4 / 10
Jul 20, 2016

There is an awesome world that has been built here, with so many interesting characters and areas to explore, but poorly thought out gameplay makes Dex a dull affair. Melee combat has no nuance to it, weapons control too poorly to be of any use most of the time, and hacking is repetitive and bland. There is real promise here in the world building and character development, but the terrible gameplay is too much to make up for.

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4 / 10.0
Jul 28, 2016

Dex just never stood out enough for me. The generic and clichéd story left me cold, and the technical issues made the game hard to like. However, it is worth noting that the various performance issues I encountered on the Xbox One were not present on the PC version. So if you feel like you need to check Dex out and have the ability to do so, get it on PC. It doesn’t differ much in general, but at least it will be slightly more pleasant to play.

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68 / 100
Jul 23, 2016

Imagine if Deus Ex had been developed as a 2D platform/RPG/brawler and you get an idea of what Dex is all about.

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60 / 100
Dec 30, 2016

Although it does feature more than one ending, don’t expect the other one to be much more telling.

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7.4 / 10.0
Aug 10, 2016

Although a lot could be improved in Dex, nearly everything is good and solid. With the exception of the hacking, you'll have a lot of fun running and fighting your way across the map, even if you don't always know where you are and where you should be.

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8 / 10.0
Jul 15, 2016

There really is a lot to like about Dex. A deft marriage of platforming, action and RPG elements, it struggles a little under the weight of its ambition but overall Dex proves itself as a formidably enticing effort that holds substantial charm for fans of all things cyberpunk.

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Top Critic

Jul 7, 2016
Dex Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?" video thumbnail
8.5 / 10.0
Jul 20, 2016

Even without the IP, Dex manages to be the absolute best Ghost in the Shell game we’ve ever gotten.

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