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6 / 10
Dec 5, 2017

Unlike the invention of the wheel or the utilisation of fire, Caveman Warriors is hardly likely to revolutionise our world, but then it wasn't intended too. Instead you get a solid and fun side scrolling platformer that harks back to the console classics of yesteryear. It's gorgeous to look at, and whilst frustration can be caused with several technical issues, I nonetheless enjoyed my time with Caveman Warriors.

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4 / 10
Oct 15, 2017

Caveman Warriors is a half-decent platformer with a relatively unique setting, but is sadly underwhelming in most regards. It plays fairly well and offers some quick and easy fun in multiplayer, but some questionable presentation and frustrating enemy encounters let it down. With a vast pool of quality 2D platformers to choose from on PS4, this game doesn't do enough to truly compete, and we fear it will subsequently be consigned to history.

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68 / 100
Oct 11, 2017

Caveman Warriors is a throwback game through and through. It will appeal to many gamers for the same reasons it won't appeal to others.

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Ken McKown

Top Critic

6 / 10.0
Oct 3, 2017

While it is likely already forgotten, Caveman Warriors is a solid, if not overly challenging game set to a backdrop rarely used. I loved the idea behind it, even if its execution fell flat sometimes.

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7 / 10
Dec 8, 2017

It's a short game, but Caveman Warriors still entertains as you work through the levels figuring out how best to deal with the threats encountered and then how to defeat the bosses. There's some good character designs in the game and fun moments - like the way scared foes flee in panic only to knock themselves out by running into a wall. It's not without fault however, with the over-the-top knock-backs from hits being the biggest irritant. There's some replayability in trying to track down all the fuses and then tackle the harder versions of the levels and the co-op play works well. If you've got some friends around and are looking to pass the time with some platforming action, then Caveman Warriors is a good pick.

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4 / 10
Jan 12, 2018

Caveman Warriors may have its positive aspects, such as a cast of characters with a relatively good design and a certain variety but the game falls short of becoming a truly interesting 2D platformer. Its controls definitely need more tuning and overall, it just feels like the problems of past games have not been truly solved, which only makes this experience more frustrating than it should be.

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7 / 10.0
Dec 28, 2017

Caveman Warriors feels like a polished, retro arcade platformer. I like the way it looks and how simple the controls are. The gameplay can be a bit frustrating at times but being able to play with other people makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

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Joshua A

Top Critic

Apr 3, 2018

If you relish the days when death by bad jumping mechanics was commonplace in gaming and enemy hits were cheap, you might like the nostalgia Caveman Warriors brings. But, if you're looking for a refined experience, this is probably not the co-op experience you're looking for.

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8 / 10
Nov 3, 2017

Caveman Warriors is a colorful, fun and charming 2D action game with a nice amount of content and plenty of replay value for you to play either on your own or with friend and family members, so be sure to download this one on PS4 today!

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Sep 25, 2017

Caveman Warriors isn't so much a bad game then; it's just one that's a bit bland and exceedingly niche.

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