Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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Dec 25, 2017

Wonderful, emotional, sad, happy, too real… fateful. That's Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

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Mar 4, 2018

Standing alone, Before the Storm has an emotional arc, which goes to say that the experience is not an inherent waste of time. The nature of truth that is at the heart of the narrative is not without merit—a worthy exploration of an important theme to be sure. Overall, Deck Nine does as the best as any studio could be expected to in trying to recapture the magic of the first season, even if the experience ultimately leaves players wanting more of that original magic. Perhaps these shortcomings are simply a testament to the quality of the initial installment. Any attempt to replicate Life is Strange would always fall flat, and no one can be faulted for failing at such an impossible task. In the end, even with all the proper precautions and setup in place to capture the same lightning in a bottle, the emotional maelstrom that is Life is Strange is so potent because of the storm at the heart of the game. Anything that comes before is just the calm.

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7.5 / 10.0
Nov 24, 2018

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a game that makes you think about every single aspect of your life thanks to a very strong plot. Because the developers have a relatively predictable story, this game being a prequel, some points were flawed, but it's still an overall enjoyable experience. Despite some graphical and gameplay shortcomings, this prequel is able to honour the Life is Strange name.

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8.1 / 10.0
Jan 23, 2018

If you’re looking for more Life is Strange, Deck Nine has delivered a fantastic and consistent prequel that is a must-play for fans.

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5 / 10.0
Aug 14, 2018

The first Lift is Strange game set the bar quite high. Before the Storm just did not have enough to live up to the first. The story was lacking any interesting plot elements to reel you in. The gameplay lacked...pretty much anything. The puzzles were slow and boring. Chloe's behavior was so frustrating at times. For the most part it felt like all of this stuff was there to serve as a distraction from a story that is mediocre at best.

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8.5 / 10.0
Dec 21, 2017

A moving story of miniature apocalypses as a larger one blazes in the background.

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8.8 / 10.0
Jan 2, 2018

After loving Life is Strange when it originally released, I’d been intrigued to see where they would go with Before the Storm. Prequels haven’t always been successful after all, so I didn’t know if it’d still manage to offer the same emotionally-driven experience that I’d loved so much back in 2015. Thankfully, Deck Nine have managed to deliver something that might not have as grand a stage set, but somehow manages to feel a lot more human and, at times, more enjoyable than its predecessor in the process. There’s no huge looming disaster in Life is Strange: Before the Storm; instead, it’s a tale of two girls, their blossoming relationship, and the believable trials and tribulations they face as part of growing up. Whilst anyone who has played the first game knows that it can all end tragically, you don’t have to think about any of that here and it makes for a truly poignant experience. The choices you make, the situations you find yourself in, the ways you interact with the world – everything comes together perfectly to make Life is Strange: Before the Storm a very enjoyable and worthy prequel to the original game.

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7 / 10
Jan 17, 2018

Fortunately, there is no room for worrying; all fans of the previous season can now play “Before the Storm” with piece of mind. Having a true understanding of the first season’s pros and cons has helped its creators to produce a game carrying high standards and satisfy its players. Therefore, playing “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm” is highly recommended to all of the fans of adventure games!

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Jan 15, 2018

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is undoubtedly a risk that Square Enix didn’t need to take. The original Life is Strange ended in a way that left fans expecting nothing more, so the prequel’s announcement came as quite a surprise. Thankfully, newcomers Deck Nine have created a mini-series that is not only respectful of the original but stands on its own as an essential prequel. The visuals may suffer from slight blemishes, and the uneven voice acting can be off-putting at times, but the game quickly makes up for this through its engaging characters, excellent pacing and great plot twists. It’s a no-brainer for fans of Life is Strange and an equally perfect starting point for newcomers.

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8.6 / 10.0
Jun 17, 2019

Before the Storm is a great game to be experienced by a fan of the first game. It focuses on Chloe and her friendship with Amber after and before Max was in the picture. The only thing that makes me wonder is what happened after the storm...

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