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2 / 10
Oct 22, 2019
Agony Review video thumbnail
3 / 10
Jul 27, 2018

Madmind Studios has successfully created the definitive version of videogame Hell: humdrum, uninspiring gameplay, frustrating level design, stuttering frame-rates, soft locks and crashes galore, unpolished textures, ugly character modelling, sudden inexplicable deaths, and irritating glitches. It is a painful experience from beginning to end, with the only real highlight being the uninstall. An absolute stinker; Agony is most definitely Hell!

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Jul 17, 2018

Overall the game feels like a lot of ambition but sadly lacks in follow-through.

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4 / 10
Jul 12, 2018

Agony's vision of Hell is breathtaking but its tedious gameplay and plethora of bugs hold it back.

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4.5 / 10.0
Jul 11, 2018

Stay the Hell away.

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Reza Mirzaei

Top Critic

30 / 100
Jul 10, 2018

Agony is a ridiculous and incomplete effort to visualize a new inferno. it almost seems like that developers have been so laser focused on making disgusting environments that they completely forgot about gameplay and even playability.

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6.5 / 10.0
Jul 3, 2018

Sadistic hell awaits you. Do not enter, if you are austere moralist and be patient. This game is defective, but unique.

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4 / 10.0
Jun 20, 2018

Undercooked in all the key places, Agony is just a 10 hour trip through increasingly edgy content that isn't actually fun to play.

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Jun 18, 2018

Unfortunately, I can't recommend this game as the payout of eye candy isn't worth the time you have to put in slogging through hell behind the eyes of a depressingly slow husk of a dead man.

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Jun 16, 2018

Unfortunately, Agony stumbles off the starting block and, despite a valiant later effort, is never able to make up lost ground. In this case, a poor first impression irreparably mars the experience, despite measurable improvement in many of the fundamental design principles as the game wears on. The art and audio is striking, but the project may have benefited immensely from less ambition, and the hope is that, should Madmind have a second chance, it will create a more focused and cohesive title. Agony is not great, but it is far from the irredeemable abomination the media has painted it as.

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