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6 / 10.0
Jun 9, 2018

Flipping your first few houses is fun, but the game doesn't have the scope or flexibility to stay interesting for long

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6 / 10.0
Jun 6, 2018

House Flipper manages to scratch a specific itch, but it lacks long-term incentives and just generally feels like a missed opportunity. With more content, polish, interactivity, and customization, this could become a nice sleeper hit. It's serviceable as is, but it won't hold your attention for too long.

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1.8 / 5.0
Jun 10, 2019

House flipper's formulaic play style is quickly exhausted, leaving you with nothing but the memory of the time you wasted playing it.

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9 / 10.0
Jun 19, 2018

House Flipper is one of those titles that you just don't expect to be as good as it is. Seriously, play this videogame.

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6.1 / 10.0
Sep 29, 2018

For people who love simulation games and space design, House Flipper might be an interesting experience. the goal of the game is to create an opportunity for players to use their imagination to design space and make changes inside it. although game's performance in some parts is wonky and can't meet all the expectations of the players, it's still an acceptable game as a distinct and new title.

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Top Critic

7 / 10.0
Jun 26, 2018

House Flipper may not be the usual game you would expect, but games, in general, have evolved greatly over the last decade, to say the least. It is a niche title, but it can be a very fun game if you don't mind spending hours remaking houses and decorating them to your heart's content. It's not without its bugs and oddities which the developer is consistently working on, like not being able to build walls on any floors above or below the first floor, but overall House Flipper is a fun game if it's your type of game.

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Jun 18, 2018

House Flipper isn’t ready to be placed on the market. For a game that is all about customizing a property, you have far too few options to chose from and there’s a complete lack of cohesion between furniture and colors. House Flipper is appealing enough to tempt in buyers for an open viewing, but a closer inspection reveals the obvious shortcomings. As a buyer, you should either negotiate hard for a discount on the selling price or wait until the quality of the game meets the buyer’s asking price.

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