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70 / 100
Aug 17, 2019

Layers of Fear 2 may not outperform its predecessor, but it must surely is recommended to players who enjoyed the first title. Being too linear at various times and using basic resources to try to cause fear, it feels as if more could've been done in the game to create unique situations that really question the sanity of everything presented there.

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8 / 10
Aug 1, 2019

Even though both Layers of Fear's stories are not linked, this sequel follows up the style of the original game. All the horror comes from the peculiar stagings and visuals used by Bloober Team that cause a constant sensation of anguish. Also, the different "homages" to several movie classics are a great classy touch.

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5 / 10
Jul 25, 2019

Layers of Fear 2 tries to be deeper and more complex than the original game, but in the end we have a completely bland chases, pixel-hunting and aimless walking on empty rooms. If you are looking for a new intellectual horror that will entice you for a few evenings, then from this project you should definitely stay away.

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6.5 / 10.0
Jul 16, 2019

The story in Layers of Fear 2 is decent, even if you can see the narrative twist coming, but you need to sit down and analyze the pieces for it to really come together. The same tricks used in the original to distort the environment still work here, as do the jump-scares despite their predictability over time. The longer playtime robs the title of the crispness of its predecessor, while the element of an active pursuer doesn't mix well with the game's need for more involved door and switch mechanics and the precision needed to activate those action spots. It's still worth checking out for fans — but sometime later, as opposed to immediately.

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8 / 10.0
Jul 9, 2019

The Layers of Fear 2 is undoubtedly one of the most frightening titles that have been released in the last few years, when most of the titles are similar. The experience of a different game that tries to affect the player through psychological and internal fears can be very exciting. But the new elements of the gameplay are not so perfect, and with all the efforts made by the creators to make a balance between their own style and keeping the game entertaining among today's games, they still could not do it well enough, and in the final stages, these elements are completely out of balance

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Jul 7, 2019

Layers of Fear 2's production is without peer, but the continuously frustrating design decisions confuse.

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Jul 6, 2019

But once the novelty of a new game fades, what we're left with is a failure of a title that simply loses itself after the first hour or so. And you end up going in bizarre circles without any sense of satisfaction.

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Jul 2, 2019

As a horror, it doesn’t quite match up to other greats this year, lacking the genuine sense of peril and desperation I found in Resident Evil 2, or the emphasis on uncertain horror in a Metro Exodus. Yet Layers of Fear 2 still has enough about it to get under your skin and mess with your mind. Plus there’s a real sense of creativity here, something horror is scarcely associated with nowadays.

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6.5 / 10.0
Jul 1, 2019

A lack of actual gameplay and a slow paced, confusing storytelling don't do justice to Layers of Fear 2's interesting premise and fancy visuals.

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7.5 / 10.0
Jun 27, 2019

This is still a good game that I recommend to anyone who is a fan of psychological horror titles but don’t go into it expecting to even come close to having your pants scared off.

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