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7 / 10.0
May 27, 2019

Hard as hell, Dark Devotion is a roguelike with some touchs of Dark Souls and a huge amount of curses that will make you enjoy and suffer at the same time. A really hard experience.

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7.5 / 10.0
Oct 31, 2019

Dark Devotion is an atmospheric action RPG that emphasises exploration and survival, but it's let down by its frustrating obtuseness

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75 / 100
Nov 8, 2019

Dark Devotion is a 2D action game that focuses on combat and exploration. With a variety of weapons and items, foes, and branching pathways, you'll have plenty to fight with and experience. Some enemies, especially certain bosses, are frustrating and may have you considering throwing your controller. Even so, succeeding feels rewarding.

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65 / 100
Nov 2, 2019

A borderline unusable map and generally difficult combat combined with traps that kill you immediately could definitely turn people off, but those who choose to persevere will likely enjoy this game enough to see it through to its obtuse, confusing ending.

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8 / 10.0
Oct 28, 2019

Dark Devotion has parts that are inspired by great titles of the last few years. It's part Dark Souls, part Dead Cells but it does have a few things that will separate it from the titles that inspire it. Yes, it is not as good as either of those titles but we are talking about two of the best titles in their respected genres. It is, however, rewarding, well made and well worth your time and effort.

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70 / 100
May 8, 2019

There’s a lot to unpack there, right? But it’s about something fundamental to gaming. A transcendentally beautiful or superlatively fun game can overcome storytelling weaknesses.

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8 / 10
Jun 5, 2019

Dark Devotion is a nice 2D version of Dark Souls with some changes that can offer exciting gameplay and interesting bosses. Peaks of difficulty at the end of the game and closing doors can upset many players, but these are the conventions of the Dark Devotion' world. And if you were looking for a replacement for Hyper Light Drifter and Death's Gambit, then you found it.

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6 / 10.0
Apr 30, 2019

Dark Devotion looks good and clearly has a lot of imagination behind it, but the systems that keep repeating throughout the game don't do much except getting you lost, confused, or frustrated.

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8 / 10.0
May 1, 2019

Dark Devotion is an enjoyable souls-like action RPG, despite being a bit derivative.

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Apr 25, 2019

Dark Devotion is intriguing, but design problems and cumbersome combat do their best to keep it from reaching its full potential.

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