Hammerwatch II Reviews

Hammerwatch II is ranked in the 17th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
4 / 10.0
Jan 26, 2024

Hammerwatch II's graphics and world design are amazing, and the soundtrack fits super well into each area. The gameplay is still a little frustrating, though. And with the very real chance of losing all of your progress, I wouldn't say it's worth it. It's sad to see such a well-designed game ruined by such fatal bugs.

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Jan 3, 2024

To sum up I did like Hammerwatch II but it’s not a game that’s going to work for everyone. I absolutely praise the developers for not simply copying the formula of the previous games and slapping an II on the box. But this is not a pick-up-and-play experience like the prior games. It took me several hours and 3 character restarts to wrap my head around things. But once the game finally clicked I did start to enjoy myself. Although the experience felt much more geared to co-op play. This steep learning curve will not work for everyone and I can see some players jumping out of the game out of sheer frustration. But if you can overcome this hurdle there is much fun and depth to discover with Hammerwatch II made all the more enjoyable if you can bring a friend along for the adventure.

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6 / 10
Dec 27, 2023

Hammerwatch II picks up right where the first game left off but its narrative and technical shortcomings make it feel like the rough draft of a fantasy epic rather than the final version. The open world is big enough to get lost in for hours at a time and you will die repeatedly while doing so. Still, if you need a game to do a bit of mindless grinding in, the combat is fun and easy to pick up, which keeps this sequel from being a complete disappointment.

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6 / 10.0
Dec 21, 2023

While I enjoyed my time with Hammerwatch 2 in short bursts, I never felt like it was going above and beyond to give me something that hadn't been done before. Some clunky design here and there only draws attention to these frustrations. Despite this, the core gameplay of Hammerwatch 2 is enjoyable enough to go through with friends for a dungeon or two, with a healthy amount of customisation to be found.

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5.7 / 10.0
Dec 19, 2023

Poorly-implemented interfaces and controls, paired with a bit of aimlessness, bring down this sequel effort

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Oct 17, 2023

If you're tempted to pick this up as a fan of the original, I'd encourage you to think twice; dated design decisions and uninspired writing make for a slog of an adventure.

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7.5 / 10.0
Oct 17, 2023

The sense of fun and the joy of discovery will surely please fans not only of the first game, but also of the classic RPG genre with pixel graphics. The difficulty can be off-putting at times, as can the occasional wandering, but if you like retro, you'll forgive the game for its flaws.

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2.5 / 5.0
Sep 8, 2023

There are times Hammerwatch II can be a lot of fun. Exploring massive dungeons and taking down hordes of enemies is usually a good time, and Hammerwatch II captures that, at least if you pick one of the right classes. I can see a group of friends with a well-balanced party having an excellent time with it, and that’s really who these games are for, first and foremost. Ultimately though, Hammerwatch II makes too many poor design choices for me to recommend it to most players. There’s a good game in here somewhere, but it’s buried under too many flaws.

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68 / 100
Sep 6, 2023

2023 is such a banner year for great games, but this is not one of them. It saddens me that I cannot recommend Hammerwatch II. It is, at best, enjoyable for a night or two with friends.

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5 / 10.0
Aug 26, 2023

Not the best attempt to create a Diablo-like game with so many shortcomings that it would look better in Early Access.

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Aug 24, 2023

Hammerwatch 2 retains the same Dungeons and Dragons feel as the original game, but this time is less friendly for those looking to play the game by themselves. There's plenty to do, but sometimes it just feels like it was tacked on. Regardless, if you have some friends or randoms to play Hammerwatch II with you, it becomes a better experience.

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6 / 10.0
Aug 22, 2023

Hammerwatch II has its merits, especially in its elaborate pixel art visuals and the possibility of online group play. However, the limitations present in the progression of the story, the ineffective navigation and the complexity of the economy can hinder the pleasure of the game. The online experience also brings challenges with its specific rules, but it's important to be aware of the potential frustrations that can arise due to the less polished aspects of the gameplay. An experience with a mix of ups and downs, where the visuals and the captivating atmosphere can fight against the limitations that can make the journey less attractive.

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7.3 / 10.0
Aug 18, 2023

A dungeon crawler that delves a little deeper into the "ruolistic" elements of the first Hammerwatch while still remaining too much on the surface and offering no particular creative flourishes. If you plan to play it alone be prepared for a fair amount of repetitiveness, but if you have a few friends on hand the fun rate is bound to go up quite a bit.

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8 / 10.0
Aug 16, 2023

Hammerwatch II is very old school in design, but it offers a captivating adventure to embark on that’s great to play with friends. There’s plenty to see and do across the world, building up your character’s abilities is rewarding, and combat is surprisingly strategic and tense, with plenty on offer to ensure your journey is an exciting one. And sure, it does let itself down with a lack of map markers and fast-travel (something owed to its old-school design), but these issues don’t stop Hammerwatch II from being a blast to play if you’re looking for some nostalgic dungeon-crawling thrills.

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8 / 10.0
Aug 15, 2023

Hammerwatch 2 is a delightful old-school RPG romp that suffers from some of the timeless predicaments of the genre, namely a feeling of repetitiveness and some odd design decisions. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, especially in cooperative mode, and it also helps that the pixel graphics can be magnificent at times. Play it wisely as to not become tired of its expansive maps, and that’s how you’ll enjoy the most of it.

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