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Mar 7, 2017

Wistful, lovingly textured and highly experimental, Stories Untold is a haunted house adventure with a difference.

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80 / 100
Mar 1, 2017

An atmospheric collection of clever, surprising interactive short stories with a gorgeous retro aesthetic.

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8 / 10
Jan 24, 2020

Playing an 8-bit style text adventure on the Nintendo Switch is novelty enough but this inspired mix of weird horror and puzzle-solving is more than just a blast of '80s nostalgia.

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8.3 / 10.0
Mar 3, 2017

The puzzles are unrelenting and unforgiving, but those who rise to the challenge are rewarded with spooky sequences and an emotional showstopper of a finale

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7 / 10
Mar 29, 2017

Short horror anthology Stories Untold preys on technological nostalgia, which works three times out of four.

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8 / 10
Jan 30, 2020

Stories Untold is a very interesting and engaging horror title, building a huge story that taps into your imagination before expertly drawing that scope back in. A couple of puzzles don't quite stick the landing, but the game is engaging over its three hours.

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IGN Italy

Top Critic

7.5 / 10.0
Jan 19, 2020

This version of Stories Untold is not the best - you'll miss the feeling of keyboard typing - but these stories are still worth hearing.

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8.5 / 10.0
Feb 27, 2017

If you're looking for a tense, unnerving experience in a simple yet eerie setting, this is it.

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Feb 28, 2017

Stories Untold is bleak and disturbing, novel and experimental, and most importantly when doing all that, very clever. It's smarter than you'll realise, in fact. And why it's smart is all in the experience of playing, not to be given away in the process of reviewing. A pain in the arse for me, but worth it for you.

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Mar 8, 2017

Stories Untold is a gloriously 80s homage which doesn't rely on too much familiarity or retreading old ground. It's a fantastic, fascinating example of interactive visual storytelling.

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