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Jul 25, 2017

Clickers meet twin-sticks in a game that will eat your time like no other.

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7.3 / 10.0
Aug 8, 2017

One of the few surprises on this summer. A interesting videogames that may be too repetitive, but still entertains.

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6 / 10.0
Jan 15, 2018

Vostok Inc. is pretty good, but the grind does become frustrating; however, it's easier to put in short periods of time on the go, eventually leading you to amass that huge galactic empire, so the Switch is a very suitable host.

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8 / 10.0
Jul 31, 2017

While its individual parts aren't anything particularly special, Vostok Inc. melds those parts into a unique, amusing, and compelling whole. The manner in which developer Nosebleed Interactive has fused a clicker game to a twin-stick shooter and made sense of it is impressive. A rather nice surprise.

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8.5 / 10.0
Aug 3, 2017

The unique premise of Vostok Inc. breathes new life into the tired genre, making this moneymaking game much more than something to just play on the toilet to pass the time. While it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, I urge you to give it a chance if you're on the fence; it definitely didn't seem like my cup of tea either at first, but the embedded humor and interesting mechanics made it relatively easy to suffer through the annoyances.

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8 / 10
Jul 27, 2017

A mental genre mash-up that fuses the best of idle clickers with actual gameplay mechanics, Vostok Inc probably should come with a health warning. This may not be the best twin-stick shooter you'll play on the PlayStation 4, but by mixing and matching mechanics from different titles it unleashes a beast that's greater than the sum of its parts. Play responsibly – but most importantly, play.

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6 / 10
Feb 5, 2018

Vostok Inc. has the merit of trying to merge point & click mechanics with those of a shooter game. By itself, this is something that should be commended. The problem is it doesn't really achieve anything significant with this effort and the shooter component feels shallow and uninspired. At the same time, the game ends up becoming too repetitive and doesn't have much to offer once its novelty factor dissipates.

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7 / 10
Dec 15, 2017

Vostok Inc's blend of money-generating ‘clicker' gameplay and frantic twin-stick shooter action works well; as you find yourself getting to grips with the necessary procedures and start to have a system in place, you'll find an increasing amount of fun in the game's upgrade systems, combat, and exploration.Unfortunately, this fun reaches a peak around halfway through your adventure as you realise that you're spending an awful lot of time doing the exact same things over and over again. Vostok Inc is a good game that will definitely provide you with several hours of enjoyment and, if you like the sound of its mixed genre, we'd encourage you to try it out – just make sure you're ready to follow similar tasks for a long time if you do.

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59 / 100
Feb 3, 2018

Vostok Inc. is something of an oddity. It offers some competent shooter mechanics dressed up with some playful satire, unique concepts, and plenty of gameplay for those who seek it. But the overall experience feels lacking, uneventful, and repetitive, especially when it comes to the click-fest sim components.

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6.5 / 10.0
Nov 22, 2017

Vostok Inc. is enjoyable more for its concept than execution, as it was quite clever to fuse a twin-stick shooter with an idling game. For those who have already beaten their fair share of clicker games, there isn't enough reason to play this one until the endgame.

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