JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword

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Feb 20, 2019

JackQuest attempts to blend genre features together with its platforming and metroidvania elements, but it ends up being quite average in execution in almost all aspects.

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Sebastian Hawden

Top Critic

7 / 10.0
Feb 2, 2019

JackQuest is not a bad game but it's not a great one either. We have seen it all before so there's nothing that will surprise you in any way. It has some nice Metroidvania elements and a few hidden collectables to find, and its simple battle system and easy to beat enemies means it's a decent entry level game for those new to the genre.

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50 / 100
Jan 29, 2019

To wrap up, there just isn’t a whole lot to say here other than it’s all just a little meh.

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Jan 24, 2019

JackQuest is a very average game held back further by questionable design decisions. It's not necessarily a bad time, but it isn't a good one either.

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5 / 10.0
Feb 5, 2019

In a world where we have our pick of the Metroidvania lot, JackQuest simply does nothing to stand out in the crowd. As a result, we’re left with something entirely basic in both design and function.

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3 / 10.0
Jan 28, 2019

I'm ragging on JackQuest a lot here, but to put it plainly, JackQuest doesn't make a great case for itself. It feels like an earnest project inspired by the titans before it, but it doesn't have nearly the same juice behind it.

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7.5 / 10.0
Feb 11, 2019

JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword is an addictive combination of Mario's platforming design with the exploration and sword-slashing of a metroidvania. It's a ton of fun that's quick and easy to pick up and play in shorts bursts – which have a habit of becoming longer play sessions. Where does the time go? Platformer fans should consider picking this one up.

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70 / 100
Feb 12, 2019

JackQuest: Tale of the Sword deserves a chance as it offers a few hours of genuine fun and originality with a well-known and fan-driven theme. Moreover it is an easy to understand game and is great to play with family and friends in a fast and exciting way.

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7 / 10.0
Feb 27, 2019

Nothing we have not seen before, JackQuest: The Tale Of The Sword is the perfect game for someone new to today's more complex gaming landscape.

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7 / 10.0
Mar 8, 2019

JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword could have been truly great, with all the makings needed for a memorable game that balances between nostalgia and modern design principles. Regrettably, this game lands far from that mark, and as much as I’d like to, I just can’t overlook those things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game, but there are definite improvements to be made to it.

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4 / 10
Feb 16, 2019

I think I’d be less chaffed by the lack of any world building if the game didn’t start off by making me feel like there would be more in that aspect. Why have a talking sword that just delivers the same 3 or 4 lines randomly? Mix this with the frustration of the dungeon design and mini-map issues and I soon wondered what reasons the game was giving me to want to get through this struggle. There wasn’t really anything.

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1.8 / 5.0
Feb 5, 2019

Overall it wasn’t a fun time. The target audience of this game is clearly aimed toward kids, but even so, it’s just wayyyy to difficult for a child, in my opinion.

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6.8 / 10.0
Jan 23, 2019

A quick romp of romance and adventure that looks good and plays well

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