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6 / 10
Apr 4, 2019

Fimbul is another average indie game. If you love the setting, and you have time and desire, then you can try it, but it's better to wait for a sale.

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4.1 / 10.0
Mar 28, 2019

Fimbul, at its core, is a mildly fun hack N slash title.

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Sam Burton

Top Critic

4.5 / 10.0
Mar 14, 2019

A basic action adventure game with a great style and a surprisingly engrossing story that is sadly backed up by repetitive gameplay that never evolves into something great.

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4 / 10
Mar 13, 2019

The end result is that Fimbul is a soulless experience that never amounts to much more than something that will forever represent the developer’s unrealized vision. Throwing the unpredictable bugs, glitches, and wayward problems that are present on Nintendo Switch into consideration, it’s hard to not come to the conclusion that you’d be better off simply leaving it to someone else to prevent Ragnarök from happening.

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4 / 10.0
Mar 13, 2019

Honestly? As excited as I was to get my hands on Fimbul as Norse mythology is a great one, and pretty hot right now between the Thor movies, The Iron Druid novels and the newest God of War, Fimbul, the winter before Ragnarok, will not be making its way to the halls of Valhalla. It really should have gone through much more testing and refinement because it has the elements to be a great title, but the execution and the approach taken is just not there.

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4 / 10
Mar 8, 2019

Disappointing, mediocre at best, 3D action-adventure

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5.5 / 10.0
Mar 7, 2019

Although Fimbul has a great universe to explore and some fun gameplay elements, it still fails as a package. The gameplay is good but short, the story is not so appealing, combat is repetitive and the game suffers from tons of technical issues, and the only ones who will probably enjoy Fimbul are the hardcore fans of Scandinavian myths.

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Mar 5, 2019

Fimbul is a case where I have to commend the developers for effort, but I also have to advise the customer to steer clear of this bland, snowed-out adventure. Literally everything Fimbul attempts to do has already been done better by a different game. It's best if you leave this one buried in the snow.

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61 / 100
Mar 1, 2019

Repetitive fights, unfinished story, hardly any challenges: Anyone looking for an indie God-of-War will definitely not find it at Fimbul.

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5 / 10
Feb 28, 2019

This hack-and-slash wears its simplicity like a lovely Scandinavian jumper, but is scarcely substantial enough for its handful of hours and drenched by awful aesthetic choices.Jeremy Peel

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